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Garage Software

Since 1995, our garage software has helped thousands of service departments, like yours, improve their efficiencies and customer retention

Garage Software

See a live, real time overview of your service department, helping you to keep track of estimates, bookings due to arrive, services in progress and which invoices need to be paid.

Our intelligent dealer management system allows you to increase Technician efficiencies with our workshop clock, increase up-sold work through our VHC app and receive bookings straight to your diary from your website.

Hundreds of garages, small to large, rely on our software every day to help manage their businesses.

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Page Products Garage Software Service Reminders

Service reminders

Ensure repeat business with reminders

Service reminders are a must for all garages and workshops but the process can sometimes seem long-winded and complex. With the DragonDMS, we take care of it all for you.

Reminders can be sent via SMS, email, and letter and will show you those customers who have yet to respond, allowing you to contact them before their expiry runs out.

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Page Products Garage Software Emerging Work

Emerging work

Upsell advisories and health check items

At the point of booking a customer in for a service, DragonDMS will alert you to any previous advisories or issues raised on health checks, allowing you to maximise your upselling opportunities.

Accurate estimates can be produced for customers, showing the exact cost of the work to be carried out for approval. These can also be attached to services in progress as an emerging work estimate.

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Page Products Garage Software Booking Calendar

Booking Diary

Easy booking management

The Service Booking Diary is a visual aid that allows you to see at a quick glance, which days have space available for further bookings. As service jobs are booked into the calendar, the hours for that day go down and the colour changes.

The diary also allows you to see which Courtesy Cars are available, free MOT slots and which technicians are working on which jobs.

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Page Products Garage Software Custom Invoices

Custom invoices

Your invoices, your branding

From within the garage software section, you can produce professional looking invoices that display your logo and branding.

All of the invoices that are printed from the software come with default disclaimers, however, you can change them as you need.

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Page Products Garage Software Job Cards

Job cards

Quick & easy technician job cards

DragonDMS gives you the option of creating job cards for manual job recording or for electronic clocking systems, so it doesn’t matter which method you currently use.

The job cards created in DragonDMS comprise of the customer and vehicle details, a brief description and the ability to add labour lines, all of which will appear on the customer invoice.

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Page Products Garage Software Service Templates

Service templates

Save time creating common jobs

Speed up your workflow by applying templates to your bookings and services - ideal for all of those standard service jobs performed on a daily basis.

Service templates reduce the amount of duplicated work and creating them is extremely simple to do.

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Page Products Garage Software Service Tracking

Service tracking

View the service history of any vehicle

The service history tracking feature in DragonDMS is very straight forward to use. Simply enter the registration number and the relevant vehicle and customer information will be displayed.

All previous work completed, including descriptions, work carried out, and parts are listed. You can even see previous recommendations made to the customer based on advisories or vehicle health checks.

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Page Products Garage Software Reporting

Accurate Reporting

Live reporting at your finger tips

Our accurate reporting helps you track and analyse your business's performance.

With a huge range of reports, its easy to view information such as daily sales logs, invoices outstanding, Technician efficiencies and more. Each user also gets their own custom Dashboard, showing them the figures and statistics that they need to know.

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Frequently asked questions about our garage software

A. Yes, you can either manually send a text reminder to a customer due in tomorrow, or you can set up an automated text reminder. You can decide how far in advance you wish to send this i.e. 1, 2 or 3 days before they are due in.

A. There is a feature in the Parts Module which will list all part records that have gone down to their minimum stock quantity. The system will recommend the reorder quantity required to get the stock back to the maximum stock quantity. The user can still edit the recommended quantities.

A. Deposits can be taken against both booking and service jobs, ideal when you have to buy expensive parts for the job. When the job is invoiced off, the value of the deposit will automatically be taken off the invoice total.

A. With Dragon2000’s online card payment integration, your customers can pay their invoices from anywhere at any time. The DragonDMS dealer management system can generate online payment links instantly, which can be sent by text or email to your customers. Once opened, the link will allow them to pay the invoice safely from their internet browser.