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Garage Software

Over the last 21 years, our garage software has helped thousands of service departments, like yours, improve their efficiencies and customer retention

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Manage your service department

Easily keep track of estimates, bookings, services and invoices

DragonDMS 2017 allows you to see a live, real time overview of your service department, helping you to keep track of estimates, bookings due to arrive, services in progress and which invoices need to be paid.

DragonDMS also allows you to produce job cards for technicians, allowing them to get on with the job at hand.

Technician clockings

Improve your technician efficiencies instantly

All of the workshops and service centres that use our clocking machine see a huge increase in technician efficiencies almost instantly, in turn reducing costs and increasing profitability.

DragonDMS 2017 also keeps track of employees attendance, making your payroll easier.

Health check videos

Use video to increase trust with your customers

Give your technicians the ability to record and send health check video reports directly to your customers mobile phone. DragonDMS 2017 will then alert you to when they have watched the video, a great time to call and discuss the work needed.

This is a great way to promote trust and transparency to your customer, making it easier to upsell the work found and the likelihood of the customer returning in the future.

New! Dragon APPraise Mobile App

Perform vehicle health checks & send video reports to your customers, increasing trust and upsold work with your after sales customers

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Service reminders

Ensure repeat business with reminders

DragonDMS 2017 enables you to send out MOT and service reminders with ease through SMS, email and letters, warning you of those who have yet to respond to the reminder….read more

Emerging work

Upsell advisories and health check items

At the point of booking a customer in for a service, DragonDMS 2017 will alert you to any previous advisories or issues rasied on health checks, allowing you to maximise your upselling opportunities….read more

Booking calendar

Easy booking management

The service booking calendar is a visual aid that allows you to see at a quick glance which days have space available for further bookings….read more

Custom invoices

Your invoices, your branding

Various invoices can be produced within DragonDMS 2017, along with the ability to customise them in different ways….read more

Job cards

Quick & easy technician job cards

Job cards are a core component to any workshop and DragonDMS makes it quick and easy to create them for your technicians on a daily basis….read more

Service templates

Save time creating common jobs

DragonDMS 2017 gives dealers the ability to create their own service templates – ideal for all those standard service jobs performed on a daily basis….read more

Service tracking

View the service history of any vehicle

DragonDMS allows you to view the service history of any vehicle, giving you the details of all services performed and the work carried out….read more


Management accounts at your finger tips

Our garage software has the ability to measure, compare, analyse and create accurate management reports using up-to-date information depending on which area of the software you are using….read more

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