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Mobile Apps

Essential tools of the trade for car dealers and workshops at your fingertips, our apps are available on Apple and Android devices

Dragon2000 Mobile Apps

Whether you sell or service vehicles or sell parts, our mobile apps are designed to make your life easier and help you get the job done faster.

Hundreds of companies take advantage of our apps to manage their vehicle advertising, create appraisals of part exchanges, send personalised walk around videos to prospective customers, complete Vehicle Health Checks, manage workshop loading and track real-time technician activity via digital job cards, manage your parts stock and much more!

Our mobile apps are here to help you maximise sales opportunities, improve customer trust and streamline your business. Fully integrated with the DragonDMS, our apps are essential tools of the trade.

Mobile Apps 2023
Appraise Icon

Appraise App

Must-have tools for your
sales team all within one app

Carry out comprehensive appraisals on any vehicle, including part exchanges, stock vehicles and courtesy cars, and you can add photos, videos and notes taken about the condition of the vehicle.

Send prospective customers a personalised walk around video of the vehicle they are interested in to help convert to a sale.

Create, view and edit your vehicle stock, add photos and specification information, send to a range of online advertisers from your mobile device, from anywhere, and view enquiries.

Our APPraise app is fully integrated with the DragonDMS, so stock vehicles created within the app appear instantly and you can view and manage appraisals and videos.

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Stocklister Mobile App Icon Signpost

Stocklister App

Check, create and receive parts
from your mobile device

Enable your parts department to carry out stock checks, create part records in your DragonDMS dealer management system and receive goods in, all directly from a mobile or tablet device.

The Stocklister app features the ability to scan the barcodes of your items or locations using your device’s camera, which speeds up the stock checking process and ensures maximum accuracy and productivity compared to the traditional method of using a pen and paper.

Add new items to your DragonDMS parts inventory from the mobile app, with the product description, pricing, quantity and location all entered via the app, and receive goods in by scanning barcodes to instantly update the stock levels in your DMS and online store.

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Spin360 Icon

Spin360 App

Create exterior and interior
360° images for your website

Exclusively for dealers whose website is provided by Dragon2000, the Spin360 app lets you create and upload 360° images to your website vehicle stock pages - no turntable required!

The Spin360 app features a handy visual on-screen guide to give perfect vehicle positioning for your exterior 360 degree photos, making it a quick and easy process.

An interior photoshoot is achieved using Dragon2000's recommended 360 degree camera, placed inside the car and launched from the Spin360 app.

These images offer a more interactive experience for your website visitors, literally putting your customers in the driving seat while making their buying decisions.

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Workshop App White

Workshop App

The essential app for
service advisors and technicians

Service advisors can manage technicians’ tasks and track work in progress in real time via their Dashboard, with automatic notifications when nearing or exceeding the task estimated time.

The Workshop App includes digital job cards, interactive vehicle condition reports and electronic Vehicle Health Checks, plus an optional integration with Autodata.

Technicians can add notes to digital job card lines either by typing or using voice control on the mobile device. The app will record the spoken words and convert them to text - it couldn’t be easier!

All time clockings, labour line notes and task information is fed straight from the app into the service records within the DragonDMS, where you can also generate efficiency reports.

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See how our mobile apps can increase your profits and save valuable time

All the essential tools that car dealer and garage businesses need to increase profitability with our APPraise, Stocklister and Workshop mobile apps.

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Frequently asked questions about our mobile apps

A. Our apps can run on both Apple and Android mobile phones and tablet devices.

A. Yes, they are designed to work with the DragonDMS. Our apps are fully integrated with our Dealer Management System, so you never need to enter data twice and you are able to manage tasks much more easily.

A. If you have a Dragon2000-built car dealer website, you can send your stock vehicles to it via the advertising feature on the APPraise app and they will appear instantly on your website. You can also select stock to send to a range of third party online advertising sites, including Auto Trader.

Dealerships and garages using the ecommerce feature with Dragon2000’s dealer websites can update the quantity of their parts stock listed in the online store through the Stocklister mobile app. This will ensure the advertised stock levels are always accurate, potentially leading to more online sales.

A. APPraise has several great tools for your sales team. The appraisal feature allows accurate valuing of part exchanges and vehicles you are buying for stock, and you also have the ability to add and send vehicle stock directly to online advertisers, along with Sales Presentation videos to send to customers to help convert sales.

A. Our Workshop App gives you ultimate control over your workshop activities. Features include time and attendance tracking, digital job cards and the ability to manage workshop loading. Service efficiencies are calculated from the job clockings, which gives you vital information on how your service department is performing, giving you the opportunity to make improvements.

A. The Stocklister app will allow your parts department to carry out stock checks, receive goods in, and add new stock to your parts inventory, all from a mobile device. The app is integrated with the DragonDMS, so any changes made to your parts stock from your mobile device will instantly update in your dealer management system.