Car Sales Software

Car Sales Software

Our car sales software helps thousands of car dealers like you, manage and improve their businesses everyday.

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Easy stock management

From purchase to sale, our car sales software helps you do it all

Keep track of your cars all the way from purchasing to selling with our DragonDMS system and its one point of data entry. It couldn’t be easier to create a used car record on the system, just simply use our VRM tool to populate the required fields.

Once the car has been entered on to the system, you can check the valuation and margin on your car, advertise it with images and videos, and keep a log of any sales activity as well as much, much more.

Automatic advertising

Send to your website, Auto Trader, eBay Motors and more

Rather than waste your time re-uploading your stock to various other websites, DragonDMS allows you to directly transfer your stock from your DMS system through to some of the nation’s biggest online advertisers.

Using the same description and images from your DMS, this feature not only saves valuable time but also allows for greater consistency across all your channels.

Award-winning accounts

Management accounts? Piece of cake

Say goodbye to the pain of duplicated records with our award-winning Sage 50 integration module.

As well as enabling you to produce accurate accounting reports, our Sage 50 integration module is sure to save you valuable time as it transfers transactions directly from your DMS to the Sage software. Our Sage 50 integration module also comes complete with a whole host of features that allow you to tailor it around you and your business.

New! Dragon APPraise Mobile App

Maximise your vehicle sales conversions by sending videos of your stock directly to your customers mobile

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VAT margin

Margin VAT scheme calculation made easy

A factor for any used car dealer, DragonDMS has been designed to ensure the calculation of the VAT margin on each car is as simple as possible.

To utilise this feature, simply choose your type of sale from those available and let the DragonDMS system calculate the tax. DragonDMS is also able to determine tax on disability sales and EU/worldwide exports….read more


Know where you stand on EVERY deal

Make sure your numbers hold up on every deal you complete with our deal analysis reports that are available within DragonDMS.

Available ‘live’ on-your-screen or as a printed report, our deal analysis enables our users to acquire a quick snapshot of their transaction and view all the key details, from make and model to VAT margin and final profits/losses….read more

Multiple part

Handle up to 3 part ex’s per deal

If one part exchange vehicle isn’t enough, DragonDMS comes with the option of allowing you to record up to three part exchange vehicles against one single car sale.

DragonDMS will record each part exchange as a single item of stock, thus allowing you to acquire a comprehensive audit and generate full purchase invoices….read more


Live reporting at your finger tips

Always have an eye on your DMS statistics with our live accurate reporting system.

The ideal analytical tool for your DMS, our accurate reporting system gives you the ability to view all your recent sales figures, performance and financials on your screen at the touch of a button….read more


Easy customer relationship management

Manage your customer relationships more efficiently than ever before with the help of DragonDMS and its all-encompassing CRM module.

Designed to track customers from start to finish, the CRM tool lets you keep details of prospects that may have enquired once about a car to your most loyal of customers, who you are able to send marketing activities to, ideal for service and MOT reminders. It is also simple to convert a prospect into a customer who has agreed a sale….read more

support team

Knowledgeable, award-winning support

If you ever are stuck and find yourself in need of assistance, rest assured that our UK-based support team are just a phone call away.

Based in our offices near Silverstone, our team are also able to offer monthly Leader’s Workshops and training courses for those who wish to gain a better understanding of DragonDMS and how to utilise it. There is also free weekly webinar training for those that are unable to get away from the office….read more


Access from anywhere

Make sure you have access to your DMS at a moment’s notice by taking advantage of our ‘cloud hosted’ solution.

Ideal for those that need to login from multiple locations and computers, our ‘cloud hosted’ solution allows our users to access their DMS without the need for servers, networks or even the latest computer system installed. Backups of your data are carried out on a daily basis….read more


Development driven by customer suggestions

At Dragon2000 we are always listening to our customers and we are keen to hear any development ideas that you may have for up-coming versions of our system.

As well as maintaining the current versions of our software to ensure that they continue working like they should do, we are always happy to hear new ideas that our customers may have to improve our systems going forward….read more

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