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Management Reports

Management reporting is essential for car dealers and garage operations so that the business leaders can make more informed, accurate data-driven decisions.

Accurate Reporting

Reporting is a key element within the Dragon2000 dealer management system, DragonDMS, which will enable your managers to have a complete overview of each department within the business track their performance, allowing them to make data-driven decisions.

Running and growing your motor trade business requires accurate and easy to understand management information at your fingertips, and our dealer management software also includes at-a-glance information dashboards that put you in the driving seat.

Our software for car dealers and garages has the ability to measure, compare, analyse and create accurate management reports using up-to-date information depending on which area of the system you are using.

There are a wealth of management reports available within DragonDMS, but we don’t expect you to need them all. Simply pick and choose specific reports to appear in your individual favourites section to get straight to your own tailored set of reports, fast.

Management Reporting

Car Sales Software

The most popular report categories for car sales users giving instant management information include:

Prospecting (CRM)
Vehicle advertising
Vehicle purchases and sales
Vehicle credits
Vehicle stock
Vehicle reconditioning
Vehicle sales profit
Vehicle general admin
Website enquiries

Garage and Workshop Software

The most popular management reporting categories for service users include:

Service invoices (including staged invoices)
Technician job clockings - time and attendance
Service credits
Service estimates
Service bookings (including online website bookings)
Service work in progress and job card reports
Service CRM (customer relationship management)
Service history reports
VHC (Vehicle Health Check) items

Parts Inventory Software

The most popular report categories to give you the management information needed to take control of your Parts Department include:

Parts stock movements
Parts stock checking
Parts profit
Parts counter sales
Parts issues to service jobs
Parts allocations
Parts orders and goods-in
Parts credits
Parts returns

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