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Workshop App

The essential app to gain full control of your workshop and help improve efficiencies and profit

Dragon2000 Workshop App

The new Workshop App from Dragon2000 is set to revolutionise your service centre workshop.

Gain full control of your workshop and schedule jobs more effectively with real-time service job tracking. Full transparency of time and attendance means you can monitor technicians’ efficiencies and make improvements where necessary.

Improving service efficiencies means more work can be booked into the workshop, therefore increasing the number of hours invoiced in a day. Increasing efficiency by just one hour, per day, per technician, charged at £80 an hour retail, equates to £20,800 extra labour sales per year - for each technician!

Workshop App 2022
Job Cards Icon

Digital Job Cards

Eliminate paper job cards

Using the Workshop App’s digital job cards, technicians will be able to see exactly what they need to be working on and in which order.

Technicians are automatically notified when they are nearing or exceeding their estimated task times.

Voice control can be used within the app for technicians to add comments against tasks, which automatically converts speech to text if they prefer this to typing it in themselves - it really couldn’t be easier!

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Service Dash Icon

Service Advisor Dashboard

Benefit from a complete overview of workshop activity

Service advisors and workshop managers can gain full control of workshop loading thanks to a real-time overview of all jobs, tasks and technician activity.

With all this information at your fingertips, whether you are at your desk, in the workshop or off site - you can see what’s going on and take action.

You’ll also receive an automatic alert when technicians have exceeded their estimated task times, to ensure you are aware when jobs aren’t quite going to plan.

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Vhc Icon

Vehicle Health Check (VHC)

Increase trust and upsold work with
your aftersales customers

Vehicle Health Checks are becoming the norm in workshops, with our users alone completing over 372,000 of them.

Our VHC allows you to create custom templates for your technicians to follow, marking items as green, amber or red.

You can also upload unlimited images per item and record and send a personalised video to the customer.

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Condition Report Icon

Condition reports

Record damage on a vehicle image digitally

Digital condition reports can be carried out on service vehicles and courtesy cars to mark up any existing damage, to help avoid any customer disputes regarding condition.

Interactive vehicle images are displayed depending on the vehicle type you select.

Simply tap the area to record the type and severity of the damage and add photos and videos of the affected areas.

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Autodata Icon

Autodata integration

Fault code information

Using the Workshop App, technicians are able to enter fault codes to get a description of the vehicle fault and probable causes.

Powered by Autodata, this optional feature allows technicians to view all the detail they need to help them identify and fix faults quickly, improving technician efficiencies.

The fault code information is then also available to view in the service record within the DragonDMS.

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Our workshop app can increase your profits,
help upsell work and save valuable time

Gain full control of your workshop and improve technician efficiencies with real-time service job tracking, vehicle health checks and improve trust with customer videos.

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Frequently asked questions about our workshop app

A. Our Workshop App can run on both Apple and Android mobile phones and tablet devices.

A. New tasks can be easily added via the Workshop App, and as it is fully integrated with the DragonDMS, they will appear instantly within the service record in the DragonDMS and vice versa.

A. Yes, service advisors are able to assign labour tasks to technicians and decide the order that they will appear in on the technician’s to do list. Tasks can be reassigned to different technicians easily within the Dashboard in the Workshop App.

A. Absolutely! Mobile technicians on the road will be able to access digital job cards as they are created and record their time spent on jobs, which is all viewable in real time via the service advisor dashboard.

A. Notifications are sent to the app users - the technician will receive an alert when they are nearing the end of the estimated labour hours, and both technicians and service advisors are sent an automatic notification when the time is exceeded.

A. It will give you full control and transparency of workshop activities, so that you can identify inefficiencies and work on improving them.