Job Cards

Job Cards

Job cards are a core component to any workshop and DragonDMS makes it quick and easy to create them for your technicians on a daily basis.

DragonDMS gives you the option of creating job cards for manual job recording or for electronic clocking systems, so it doesn’t matter which method you currently use.

The job cards created in DragonDMS comprise of the customer and vehicle details, a brief description and the ability to add labour lines, all of which will appear on the customer invoice. There are also fields just for the technician, which includes estimated job hours and internal comments.

Job cards for electronic clocking systems feature unique barcodes, generated within DragonDMS. You can specify whether you would like a single scan barcode for a job or barcodes for each labour line.

Every time a barcode is scanned, the ‘actual time spent’ section of DragonDMS, making it an accurate and effective way of recording each technician’s time spent on any job. This information can also be entered manually at the end of every job.

Job cards also help to measure the amount of non-productive time that occurs, giving you the opportunity to find ways to reduce it and ultimately improve the efficiency of your motor trade business.

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