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Create Better Vehicle Stock Photos That Appeal To Online Customers

12th May 2022

As the weather begins to steadily improve, car dealers can take advantage of the brighter days and clearer skies by reviewing their current stock photos and establishing a new approach to help capture the attention of online buyers.

The quality of your vehicle photos can make your dealership stand out from the competition when being viewed on advertising sites and your own website, making the images a key factor in whether the customer visits the showroom or not. However, you don’t necessarily need a professional photographer and an expensive lighting set-up to improve the images advertising your stock.

Assuming you’ve already thoroughly cleaned the vehicle inside and out and fixed any scratches or dents, here are some quick tips on how to further improve your stock photos and grab the attention of online car buyers:

Create better car dealer website vehicle stock photos that appeal to online customers

Capturing each vehicle from the same selection of angles will immediately improve your stock presentation. Remembering to move the car instead of the camera as you change shots will keep the backgrounds identical in your photos, creating a smoother transition as the images are being clicked or swiped through online. The noticeable image consistency across different vehicles will show customers that you care about every detail of your work, boosting their confidence in dealing with your business.

Avoid taking photos when your vehicles are in direct sunlight, as this can make exterior details harder to see, and try to keep the sun behind you, away from the lens. A bright and overcast day will give you the best results. If there is no designated photo spot at your premises, take the time to look around and identify where you can get the most natural light without nearby buildings or lamp-posts casting a shadow over your vehicles.

Keeping the background of your images as tidy as possible is essential to minimise any distractions to online buyers. Consider taking stock photos in front of a wall or an empty field (if your premises are more rural) to keep the focus on the advertised vehicle and away from other stock or passers-by. Ensure there are no seasonal hints in the background too, such as fallen leaves, as this can age your images and make vehicles appear older than they are.

Including your company logo in stock images will act as a subtle reminder to car buyers of where they can purchase the vehicle they’re interested in. Consider taking photos with your logo signage prominent in the background and investing in some branded number plates to further promote your car sales business while a vehicle is being browsed online. This will also create familiarity with your brand and start building a sense of trust with an online audience who are new to your dealership.

360° Images
Ultimately, photos can only show you so much of a vehicle before it needs to be seen in person, which is where 360° images have revolutionised the online viewing process. Investing in 360° images will offer customers the chance to freely walk around your advertised vehicle online at their own pace, understanding the size and overall feel of the car much more than they can with a standard photo. The interior can be transformed into a 360° image too, allowing online buyers to literally sit in the driving seat when making their buying decisions.

Dragon2000’s Spin360 mobile app allows car dealers to create 360° images of their vehicles and upload them to their Dragon2000 dealer websites. Our easy-to-use guide in the app ensures maximum accuracy when capturing the exterior footage, without the need to purchase a turntable, while the interior can be fully recorded using our recommended camera to replicate the showroom experience online. Check out the Spin360 online demo to see how it could look on your website.



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