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How Can Car Dealers Increase Customer Interaction Online?

19th June 2024

Adding modern features to your car dealer website that can influence online customers to interact more with your website could lead to an increase in vehicle sales, so it’s no surprise that car dealers are taking advantage of 360° imagery to impress prospective buyers online.

Providing more than just standard photos on your vehicle pages by uploading 360° internal and external imagery will allow online customers to fully explore your stock without having to leave their homes, conveniently giving them more freedom to view each vehicle at their own pace. This means a customer can replicate the showroom experience at any time, day or night, increasing your chances of selling a vehicle online, even when you’re closed.

Thanks to modern mobile app technology, 360° images can easily be created and uploaded to your car dealer website using your mobile phone. By letting your customers freely move around your vehicles online in this format, you’re allowing your customers to view the condition of the car in detail, which instantly builds trust with your online audience and increases the chances of you receiving an enquiry for a test drive.

How Can Car Dealerships Increase Customer Interaction Online

Dragon2000’s Spin360 mobile app lets car dealers create 360° images for cars that are already in their DragonDMS dealer management system, allowing you to quickly add the immersive feature to your existing vehicle pages online.

Once a vehicle in stock is selected, the app will display an on-screen guide so that you can accurately and steadily capture the 360° exterior footage, perfectly replicating the showroom walkaround experience. For the interior footage, a separate 360° camera needs to be placed inside the car and then you can literally enable your online customers to position themselves in the driving seat as they make a purchasing decision on the vehicle. Our mobile app will then stitch together both the interior and exterior images to create one seamless 360° experience on your website.

Vehicle features which would benefit from an additional close-up image can also be displayed on your 360° walkaround thanks to embedded hotspots. When a unique vehicle feature is within view of your 360° recording, an option will appear on screen to allow customers to open up a more detailed image, helping you to draw attention to key selling points of your stock while still impressing with the walkaround footage.

Still not convinced? Check out the Spin360 app in action on our website to see how your vehicles could look to prospective buyers online and help you to stand out from the competition. Simply click here to view the demo.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Contact our sales team today by calling 01327 222 333 or emailing sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system and car dealer websites can help your business increase profits and reduce costs. Our mobile apps for sales teams and workshops can also help save valuable time and maximise efficiencies.

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