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Why Are Branding Colours So Important For Car Dealer Websites?

20th May 2024

Car dealers and garages rightly prioritise key features and usability when deciding which car dealer website design is best suited to advertise their automotive services online, however it’s essential to also pay attention to the role that colour can play in increasing your website leads.

Consistent use of specific colours in your business branding online can boost brand recognition, influence how visitors perceive your dealership or garage and draw attention to important website elements, so it’s worth taking the time to establish a colour palette for your company.

The look and feel of a car dealer website is definitely a motivator for prospective customers to have confidence in making contact with you. If they aren’t impressed with your website enough to enquire about a vehicle, book a test drive or arrange a service, then they can easily research other cars for sale or garage services online, so it’s important you take the opportunity to stand out from any perceived competitors with your branding.

This is where your choice of colours can help to immediately increase the trust that new customers have with your business.

Posting photos of your premises on your website that show a colour theme in your building and/or signage that’s shared with your website’s design will foster brand recognition and show off your physical site, so your visitors will quickly feel comfortable that the company is genuine, making it a dealership or garage they would want to do business with.

Consistent colours on your website and/or logo that are featured prominently around your dealership or garage can also allow existing customers to instantly recognise your business online, allowing them to trust you’re the same company they’ve seen in person and putting their mind at ease before they complete any important actions on your website, such as paying a deposit to reserve a vehicle online.

Why Are Branding Colours So Important For Car Dealer Websites

Car dealerships and garages often have a main brand colour that is used to make an instant impression at the top of their website to begin building familiarity with the business at the earliest opportunity, with the colour usually filling the area behind the logo in the header or standing out by representing a large button within the hero image that leads to a key page on the website, such as a stocklist or service booking form.

This dominant colour can then be used to establish a theme across the rest of the website and symbolise areas where you’ll want to prompt a customer response, such as by highlighting promotions, grabbing attention with call-to-action buttons, filling the footer background which emphasises your contact details and opening hours, colouring important titles and icons etc.

Of course, if you have multiple brand colours, you can introduce a second, third or even fourth colour to your website, as long as it’s consistent with your overall marketing and it’s visually clear the website is a product of your dealership or garage.

If you haven’t yet established any brand colours for your business, check out your current marketing material and showroom signage to see if there’s a common colour palette already being used which could easily transfer to your website design.

Alternatively, if there is no current theme around the colours you’ve been using so far, it could be worth developing your brand’s visual identity by exploring the hidden meanings behind colours and understanding how they can subtly influence consumer decisions and even align with the values of your company.

For example, if you’re a supercar dealer, luxury and class could be represented by using black, while red could symbolise speed and power. Or if you specialise in electric vehicles, green might be a popular brand colour choice, as it is commonly linked to nature and good health, making it ideal for representing cars with zero emissions.

Ahead of committing to new branding colours, one thing to be aware of is what your competitors are using to represent their company, as you won’t want to mirror another dealership or garage’s identity, which would risk blending your business into the background when customers are choosing where to go for their automotive needs. You’ll want to create a unique experience for customers to really stand out from the competition and make an impression.

Associating your business with specific colours in your marketing and continuing this theme on your website can lead to you popping into the minds of customers much quicker than dealers and garages who haven’t branded themselves appropriately, giving you an immediate advantage of being more memorable and boosting your online reputation by making you appear more trustworthy and professional to both new and existing customers.



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