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Benefits Of Car Dealer Websites Offering Full DMS Integration

5th July 2024

A car dealer website that is fully integrated with a dealer management system can offer many benefits that can improve areas such as efficiency, the customer experience, and the overall performance of the business.

Car dealers and garages should consider integrated solutions for their website and dealer management system, as a single point of data entry for managing vehicle sales, service, parts, accounts and customer relationship management can streamline processes across the business and help departments work together effectively.

Here are just a few ways in which your website can become an essential tool for your dealership or garage when it’s working alongside your dealer management system:

Advertising Online

Having a car dealer website that’s fully integrated with your DMS in real-time reduces the need for manual data entry, minimising errors and freeing up your team to spend time on higher priority tasks.

Vehicle stock information on your website is automatically updated, including information such as the detailed specification, photos/videos, pricing and more, which could also be sent as stock feeds to other available online advertising portals, ensuring that your online stock is accurate and kept up to date all from one place.

For example, if you later change the price of stock vehicles in your dealer management system or edit any of the other vehicle details, with a fully integrated website you’ll find that the cars on your website will immediately mirror these changes to make sure the information you’re presenting to online customers is always correct. This also saves a lot of time from having to log into multiple platforms to update your stock, while also reducing the risk of data entry mistakes when you’re having to do this more than once.

24/7 Vehicle Sales

Your vehicles can be sold at any time of the day or night if you’re taking advantage of a website that works seamlessly with your car dealer software. Deposit payments can be taken 24/7 on integrated dealer websites to make sure your customers can secure any vehicle they desire whenever they’re ready, even if it’s outside of your normal opening hours. Potential buyers who are serious about buying a vehicle are unlikely to search elsewhere when they’re allowed to safely leave a deposit on your website, giving you the chance to take a buyer out of the used car market by securing their commitment to buying your vehicle.

Other tools that can be of benefit when using DMS-integrated car dealer websites (especially out of hours) include online finance calculators that provide immediate quotes and live chat features, that are primed to offer assistance to prospective customers and answer queries they may have about your vehicles or your business.

The Benefits Of Using A Car Dealer Website That Is Integrated With Your Dealer Management System

Online Service Bookings

Busy service centres that operate with a website integrated with their garage software could benefit from allowing their customers to book themselves into the workshop using online booking tools, saving time for your service team as those essential MOT and service appointments can be requested online and they can simply confirm if the appointment is suitable. Letting drivers book their cars into the garage on your website also means you can receive bookings 24/7, so not only is this more convenient for your customers, who are no longer restricted to business hours, but this also means you could turn on your computer in the morning and be greeted by a full schedule of work.

If key details are recorded on your website via a booking form for your customers, such as basic contact information, the type of vehicle they drive, any additional notes, plus their preferred date and time of the appointment, if also benefitting from a fully integrated dealer management system, these details would be automatically recorded so all you need to do is confirm the appointment and the service will be secured – without you needing to re-enter any of the details anywhere else.

Sell Vehicle Parts / Accessories

A car dealer website that is integrated with your dealer management system can sell more than just vehicles to further boost your profits with an extra source of income, using an ecommerce feature that allows you to also sell car parts, accessories, and any other merchandise you can think of, all through your own online shop.

If you have the ability to manage your dealership or garage’s online store from within your dealer management system, you would be able to keep product quantities and stock lines up to date at all times to ensure complete accuracy for online shoppers, who may be considering a larger purchase based on your numbers in stock. If you are utilising online card payments too, this can also allow your website customers to safely make their payments in full by card at the checkout stage, so you can keep bringing money into the business outside of opening hours and target a much larger audience – without needing to sacrifice any essential time spent on other tasks around the company.

360° Vehicle Images

Integrated mobile apps that work with your car dealer website and your dealer management system can also yield great benefits where website images are concerned. Apps that provide the ability to create 360° vehicle images of both the exterior and interior (without the need for a turntable) that display immediately on the vehicle’s stock page on your website can allow online car buyers to literally put themselves in the driving seat of the cars on your forecourt without having to leave the house!

Car dealers are able to recreate the showroom experience on their car dealer website with this integrated mobile technology so that potential buyers can fully explore the full interior and exterior of the vehicles listed for sale whenever it’s convenient for them, which means your cars become available to view 24/7. Offering your vehicles to view in this format highlights just how confident you are in the quality of your stock, which boosts transparency and trust with new customers while also improving the likelihood of you making a sale online and outside of business hours.

Integration Benefits

The benefits are clear when opting for a car dealer website that is fully integrated with a dealer management system and mobile technologies, bringing significant efficiency improvements, enhancing customer satisfaction, and providing valuable insights that can help drive car sales and garage businesses forward. Choosing a provider that can offer such integration across their products is vital for dealerships aiming to stay competitive in a digitally-driven market.



How Dragon2000 Can Help Your Business

Dragon2000 can take care of all of the above and more. Our car dealer websites and mobile apps have been created exclusively to work alongside the DragonDMS dealer management system to save busy car dealerships and garages time with their everyday jobs and cut down on costs, while also maximising their customer reach. Our expert design team have many years of experience in producing stylish websites which are integrated with our award-winning software to let you advertise cars instantly and sell them 24/7, receive MOT and service bookings online, sell vehicle parts and accessories nationwide, and host interactive 360° stock images – all managed under one roof!

Car dealers and garages throughout the UK have made the switch to a Dragon2000 website so they can benefit from our integrated products. If you’re looking to drive your business forward with a comprehensive dealer management system and a fully integrated modern and affordable website, contact our sales team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk.



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