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The app that allows you to create engaging 360° images to literally put your customers in the driving seat

Spin360 App

Spin360 is a must-have app for use with websites provided by Dragon2000, allowing you to easily create and upload interactive 360 degree images.

The app has an on-screen positioning guide, so you can line up perfect exterior shots of your stock vehicle needed to create the complete 360 degree image.

Simply choose the stock vehicle you wish to create the image for on the app and follow the guide - it couldn't be easier to make the image and upload it to your website.

Along with interior 360 degree images, you can literally put your customer in the driving seat, with an interactive experience of viewing the vehicle from every angle at their leisure to engage them and help their buying decisions.

Spin360 Exterior And Interior Image

See it in action

Spin360 Exterior

Guided Exterior Images

Take perfectly positioned vehicle images

The app has a great on-screen visual guide tool to take the perfect shot with the vehicle in the correct position, creating the 360° image quickly and easily every time.

Simply select the stock vehicle within the Spin360 app and create your image, and then upload it to your Dragon2000 built website to create more visitor engagement.

Help customers reach that buying decision by giving them a complete all-round view of the vehicle they are interested in.

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Spin360 360

Interior 360° Images

Created using our recommended camera

You can also pair the Spin360 app with our recommended camera to add interior 360° images of the vehicle, simply launch the photoshoot remotely from the app.

Your prospective customers can then view the vehicle as if they were inside, and experience the vehicle interior from every angle.

Put your customers in the driving seat with interactive 360° images.

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Spin360 Hostspots

Highlight Hotspots

Pinpoint features to draw attention

Attract attention to particular aspects of your stock vehicles by highlighting the features and options within the 360° image for prospective customers to focus on.

Hotspots allow you to take additional photos of features you wish to showcase, which are then shown as labelled icons on the 360° image to draw attention to them.

The hotspots zoom in for a closer view when clicked, making sure the viewer notices the selling points of the vehicle.

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Put your customers in the driving seat with the Spin360 app

Integrated with Dragon2000 built websites, create interactive and engaging 360 degree images of your vehicle stock.

Spin360 Exterior And Interior Image

Frequently asked questions about our Spin360 app

A. Yes, if you have a Dragon2000 built website, the completed 360 degree images will be uploaded to your website.

A. You don't need a turntable, as you can walk around the vehicle using the app's on-screen positioning guide to fully capture 360 degree footage of the exterior.

However, if you have already got a turntable installed at your dealership, then there is an option to use a timer within the app to record the vehicle spin.

A. The Spin360 app can run on both Apple and Android mobile phones and tablet devices.

A. Yes, the Spin360 app links to the advertised vehicles in your DragonDMS, so you're ready to begin recording images as soon as the app is opened.