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Online Vehicle Viewing With A Website Built By Dragon2000

7th May 2020

Dealer management system and car dealer website provider Dragon2000 have the solutions available for dealers to take more of the buying process online, as more and more customers will likely turn to the internet for researching and buying their next car in the future.

For customers who are unable to visit car showrooms or simply those who would prefer to do their research and even complete the whole buying process online, one tool that can be a great help is our Spin360 mobile app, which is fully integrated with Dragon2000 built websites.

The app allows car dealers to create 360 degree images with no need for a turntable, as it has its own on-screen positioning guide as you make your way around the vehicle with your mobile device. An internal image can also be created using our recommended camera, which is designed to take interior 360 images and allow you to focus on the selling points of the car, while creating ‘hotspots’ to draw the viewers attention.

Available exclusively for dealers who have a website provided by Dragon2000, Spin360 is also integrated with the DragonDMS, so it is simple to choose the vehicle from your stock on the app that you want to create the image for.

Online Vehicle Viewing With A Car Dealer Website Built By Dragon2000

Your customer’s online journey is enhanced by literally putting them in the driver’s seat while they’re making their buying decision, as they can use the interactive image to navigate their way around every inch of the vehicle remotely. This feature helps encourage your prospective customers to either make an enquiry or reserve the vehicle by leaving a deposit online, or they may even go through the entire buy online steps.

Your website itself needs to be responsive, SEO optimised, and have an SSL certificate so that your visitors know it is trustworthy. Design-wise, a good car dealer website must have your branding used throughout and include easy navigation, simple searching functionality and call to action buttons to guide your prospective customer along the buying journey.

Imagery is especially important, including the main “hero” image or video on the header of your site, which needs to be professional looking. 360 degree interactive images should also be used alongside normal photographs and video on your stock pages, to offer more than a static glimpse of the vehicle.This provides the maximum visual details possible for your potential customers, and goes a long way to encourage them to progress the sale if they like what they see during their online viewing of the vehicle.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Talk to our team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs.

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