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Key Website And Mobile App Features In 2024 To Assist Garages

12th January 2024

Workshops across the country are utilising dealer management systems to boost their profits in 2024, however there may be additional products specifically designed to work alongside your garage DMS software that you are not yet aware of, which could be used to increase the likelihood of hitting your targets for the upcoming year.

Dragon2000’s garage websites and mobile apps have been exclusively developed to integrate with our award-winning DragonDMS dealer management system, saving your workshop time every single day by making daily tasks much quicker to complete.

Websites powered by Dragon2000 offer workshops using the DragonDMS the chance to conveniently take service bookings online, which means you can spend less time on the phone with enquiring customers and instead let them request bookings at your garage through your website 24/7. Another available website feature is the ability for your customers to select their required service online from fixed-price options to further speed up the process.

Upon submitting a booking, Dragon2000’s live website integration with the DragonDMS means the customer’s details, vehicle information, added notes and proposed appointment time are all sent directly to your dealer management system ready for you to process. All you need to do is confirm the appointment, without needing to re-enter any of the details.

Vehicle parts and accessories can also be sold on your garage’s website thanks to the ecommerce feature powered by the DragonDMS dealer management system, offering your business an extra source of income and allowing your products to target a much larger audience. Any items sold online will instantly be taken out of stock in your DMS with the sales invoice automatically prepared, so the only thing left for you to do is send the item out for delivery.

2024 Garage Features

Your workshop efficiency can be improved when you switch to digital job cards using Dragon2000’s Workshop App, as technicians will be able to clock on and off jobs from their mobile device, saving time from having to queue up at clocking machines throughout the day and passing paperwork around the service bays. By switching to digital job cards, service advisors gain the ability to use the mobile app to assign tasks, check work in progress, view how the department is performing and more. With a live overview of jobs in progress, workshop controllers and managers can also see when jobs are going over time and take action in good time to maintain the highest efficiency levels possible.

Vehicle health checks can also be completed using the Workshop App, with a clear and simple traffic light report helping customers to understand the severity of any issues with their car. Photos and videos can be attached to identified problems in the app if you wish to provide even more clarity on an issue, which can help to build trust with your customers while upselling your services.

Interactive condition reports are another essential feature of Dragon2000’s Workshop App, allowing technicians to pinpoint any vehicle defects before they start working on a customer’s car. A variety of vehicle templates are available to ensure the defects are labelled as accurately as possible, with the size and severity of issues also logged to help you potentially avoid any customer disputes upon collection of their car.

Your parts department can speed up their processes with the Stocklister mobile app, which gives you the ability to check, create and receive stock items all from a mobile device that updates your dealer management system in real time, leading to more accurate and efficient stock management. Stock checks become much faster to complete without the time-consuming pen and paper method, while item quantities in your DragonDMS can now be immediately updated to allow for instant sales over the counter or through your online store.

Dragon2000’s garage websites plus the Workshop App and Stocklister mobile app have all been designed exclusively to work alongside the DragonDMS dealer management system, streamlining your everyday processes and making life easier for your business. If you would like to learn more information about our websites or mobile apps, please contact our sales team at sales@dragon2000.co.uk or call us on 01327 222 333.



We have been helping car dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Contact Dragon2000 today to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs in 2024.

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