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Increase Online Customer Engagement With 360° Vehicle Stock Images

21st January 2022

Car dealers looking to maximise their website engagement in 2022 should consider uploading 360° vehicle stock images online, providing potential car buyers with more access to vehicles for sale than ever before.

As most dealers continue to use standard images alone to promote their vehicles, offering your prospects the chance to fully interact with a vehicle’s interior and exterior on your website will both impress them and immediately increase trust with your dealership, as they can see the car from every angle.

Increase Customer Engagement With 360° Images On Your Car Dealer Website

Another reason to take advantage of using 360° stock images on your website is that it has never been easier for car dealers, with mobile phone and tablet apps now capable of recreating the vehicle walkaround and turning this into an interactive image, with no vehicle turntable required! Once the 360° image is displayed on your website, customers can simply click their way around a vehicle, inspecting it at their leisure. Providing customers with this much control will give them more information to make a decision on your vehicles, potentially leading to an increase in website leads.

Placing a 360° camera in the inside of a vehicle will also capture the full interior, allowing your customers to literally put themselves in the driving seat when making their buying decision. The interior and exterior footage gives the complete 360° vehicle experience, which lets online customers both enter and exit the car within a single image on your website.

Despite the effectiveness of being able to fully explore your stock from all angles, standard images still offer the best close-ups for specific vehicle features, which is why ‘hotspots’ are useful to enable these images to be embedded within the 360° footage. This will give your potential customers the best of both worlds, with high quality close-up images presenting themselves when their location is reached within the 360° view.

Websites built by Dragon2000 are able to host 360° images on your vehicle details page, created with the Spin360 mobile app. Simply following the app’s on-screen guide will allow you to accurately capture the full 360° exterior on your phone or tablet device, while our recommended camera will record the full interior, to give a complete merged 360° experience on your website. If you’re interested in the Spin360 app, contact our sales team for more information or view the demo on our website.



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