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Empower Your Sales Team With Essential Tools To Boost Profits

28th January 2022

Dealerships looking to boost profits in 2022 would benefit from equipping their sales team with essential tools that allow a range of tasks to be completed away from their desks, streamlining processes and giving maximum flexibility.

Entering stock into your dealer management system should be done at the earliest opportunity so that your vehicles can be quickly uploaded and advertised online, ready to attract car buyers, so you should be looking to speed up the process of getting the vehicle advertised as soon as possible to maximise your stock turn.

Making use of mobile technology can be of great benefit to dealers, particularly when buying stock away from the dealership, whether at an auction or at other sites or even just outside on the forecourt. Using an app-based solution that allows adding the vehicle to your dealer management system from any location, along with photos if the vehicle is presentable at that stage, means that you can kick off the advertising process as soon as you have bought the vehicle for stock.

Empower your car sales team with tools to boost dealership profits

Video technology is also a big factor in engaging prospective customers and promoting trust. As enquiries come in for your vehicles, sales staff should be sparking the car buyer’s interest by sending them a personalised recording of their desired vehicle. Walking around the car and highlighting key features on video is a great way to create trust with your customer, as they can see the condition of the car for themselves without solely relying on the advert images. Sales staff introducing themselves on video also creates rapport with the customer to help build a relationship ahead of phone conversations and showroom visits.

Notifications that the prospective buyer has viewed a video are important, as it is the ideal time for your sales staff to contact them while customer engagement is at its highest and progress the sale. To further help them visualise owning the car, finance quotes should be sent alongside your videos to get customers realistically considering how they will fund their next purchase, and possibly even applying for finance on the spot.

Quickly recording the condition of any vehicles coming into the dealership, including part exchanges and courtesy cars, is essential for maintaining trust with customers. Upon delivery or collection, sales staff out on the forecourt can benefit greatly from the ability to record unlimited images, videos and notes to assess the current vehicle condition, followed by a digital signature from the customer to confirm the appraisal has taken place. If needed for future reference, dealer management system integration is essential as this appraisal can then be attached to the DMS vehicle record for easy access and to avoid any potential disputes.

The APPraise mobile app from Dragon2000 includes all the above features and is fully integrated with the DragonDMS dealer management system, saving your sales staff valuable time by speeding sales processes up and helping them to convert more enquiries. Discover more about our innovative app on our website or contact our team for more information.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Talk to our team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs.

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