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The Importance of the Use of Colour in Car Dealer Website Design

28th February 2018

The use of colour is an important factor for any car dealer or garage website, to make it appealing to your visitors, encourage enquiries and set your brand apart from its competitors.

While there may be certain aspects that you like about other automotive websites, it’s vital to create and maintain your own brand, so it is best to have an individually designed website rather than a template website, which would typically have limited colour scheme choices.

It is also advisable to review your existing website every so often to make sure it hasn’t become outdated or difficult for users to navigate over time. A refresh of the design and use of colours could improve visitor engagement if done thoughtfully, raising the profile of your brand and ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

Dominant Colour
The dominant colour should be used to emphasise the key information on your website. Look at the sections you want to stand out the most, such as ‘call to action’ buttons, promotions and your contact details, then use the dominant colour to bring attention to these.

Ideally, your dominant colour will be featured within your logo somewhere, as this colour will enhance a sense of familiarity with your brand through its constant use. When choosing colours for your logo and a dominant colour for your website, it is worth considering the psychological effect that colours can have, which contributes to its overall visual appeal and usability.

Accent Colours
On your website, accent colours are used to highlight other key sections, while deliberately keeping the dominant colour as the main focus. Accent colours are usually brought into websites to colour clickable links or specific parts of text in order to grab the user’s attention. It is advisable to use a single accent colour or two colours at most, as your visitors need to be able to easily identify what is and isn’t vital information without having to read every word.

Background Colour
The background colour will sit behind the content of your site in a way that doesn’t overshadow the content, yet still manages to add a bit more personality to your brand. Typically white and black backgrounds are common, however it’s important to establish what looks pleasing to the eye when sat alongside your particular dominant and accent colours.

The aim of your website colour scheme is to draw the eye to engage your visitors and visually guide them around the site. A consistent colour scheme that has been well thought out will help generate more enquiries, as it will grab the website user’s attention and make it easier for them to quickly find the information they are looking for, and encourage them to click on your ‘call to action’ buttons.



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