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How Can Digital Job Cards Improve Workshop Efficiencies?

7th June 2024

Garage and workshop efficiency isn’t just about the speed at which your technicians can complete their tasks, as the day to day processes and working practices involved can be just as important to help maximise your profits.

If your technicians are still producing hand-written job cards, these will likely need inputting at some stage to make sure the information is retained and can be accessed centrally, meaning valuable time is spent keying this information in at a later point in the day while increasing the risk of typing errors and missing information.

However, by giving your technicians access to relevant parts of your system to instead receive their workload directly as a digital job card on a mobile or tablet device so they can update the jobs in real-time, you can speed up your daily workshop tasks and processes to help your technicians improve their efficiencies, and of course, improve the accuracy of your records and invoicing.

Another benefit of switching to digital job cards is that it lets your technicians have instant access to their workload at their fingertips so they can clock on and off of jobs from their device, which means they don’t have to leave their bay in between tasks to walk to a fixed clocking machine somewhere in the workshop. When done multiple times a day, this can add up to a lot of time that could be better spent on job tasks, whereas using digital job cards means technicians can instead easily go from one job straight onto the next, making it a perfect feature for busy garages.

How Can Digital Job Cards Improve Your Workshop Efficiencies

Service Advisors can also benefit from digital job cards by using their mobile or tablet device to assign jobs to technicians and monitor work in progress, keeping Advisors in full control of the day’s workload, even if unforeseen events take place. So if a job has taken longer than planned or a technician is unexpectedly absent, the work schedules of your technicians can quickly be rearranged to make sure the work can still be completed as efficiently as possible.

Mobile app notifications can even alert managers to tasks that are running behind schedule, giving them a chance to step in and make improvements before there is a knock-on effect throughout the day.

Dragon2000’s Workshop App features digital job cards to allow your technicians to see exactly what they need to be working on and in which order their jobs need to be completed, all from a mobile device. Staff can also check out job card details and notes from within the app, ensuring any additional information required for them to complete the task is also easily accessible.

For technicians who have their hands full, the Workshop App even has the capability to record notes with voice control, so technicians simply need to speak into their device and the words will appear on the screen to save them time from having to type anything out.

The Workshop App is fully integrated with the DragonDMS, so all of the information you’ve recorded from the mobile app will conveniently appear against the service jobs within your dealer management system, helping you to identify room for improvement that can drive your garage’s efficiency and potentially lead to you accommodating more vehicles in the workshop and achieving bigger profits.

Dragon2000’s Workshop App is available on both Apple and Android mobile phones and tablet devices. If you would like to find out more information about how the app can help to improve your garage’s daily processes, then please contact our sales team on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk.



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