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Maximise Customer Engagement with Sales Presentation Videos

18th September 2018

Today’s consumer has more information at their fingertips than ever before, so how can car dealers stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of potential car buyers – and more importantly, keep them engaged in the sales process?

Recent Hubspot research has highlighted that video engagement is important to consumers, with their survey showing 45% preferred this form of interaction with a company during the early stages of the customer journey. For car dealers, making sales presentation walk-around videos of your vehicles is a powerful tool to promote transparency and increase trust with your potential customer, who gets an accurate view of the car’s condition, speeding up the sales process and aiding their buying decision, without them even setting foot on the forecourt.

Our APPraise mobile app, available free of charge to DragonDMS users, allows dealers who have a Dragon2000-built website to upload presentation videos of stock to the individual vehicle details pages, as they are automatically attached to the stock record within the DMS. This allows your website visitors to have a guided tour of the vehicle, accompanied by the commentary of your experienced sales staff explaining the condition and pointing out all the selling points and features of the car – which all helps increase the chances of the customer wanting to make a serious enquiry.

The recorded videos can also be sent to individual customers to view on their mobile devices, and as this is all managed within the DragonDMS, notifications will come through once they have been viewed, which is the ideal time to call the customer to progress the sale whilst their engagement is at its highest.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Talk to our team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs.

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