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Why Should Car Dealers Be Using Personalised Sales Videos?

21st June 2024

Interacting with prospective car buyers before they have even set foot in the showroom has become a popular way for car dealers to drive up interest in their stock, using their mobile phones to create personalised experiences for their customers at the earliest opportunity, in the hope that the added trust will lead to a sale and potentially repeat business.

Buying habits are steadily transitioning online for modern car buyers, who can now fully explore the inside and outside of any vehicles of interest with 360° images before reserving a car on a dealer’s website with a reservation fee or deposit, and only needing to visit the showroom for a test drive and to finalise the deal.

While this process is essential for car dealers who want to sell vehicles 24/7, even when they’re closed, it is still recommended that dealers attempt to personalise the buying experience wherever possible for their prospects, and there’s no better opportunity than when you’ve just received a new vehicle enquiry.

Once a car buyer has contacted you to show interest in any of your stock, either by calling your dealership or using an online enquiry form on your dealer website, your sales team could benefit from responding to the message as soon as possible with a personalised sales video, reaching the customer when engagement is at its highest and therefore increasing the likelihood of progressing with the sale, while the car is still at the forefront of your prospect’s mind.

Recording a sales video isn’t just about filming the desired car though, as it’s also an opportunity to introduce yourself and your business on camera. Referring to your customer by their name and building rapport at the earliest possible stage of the sales process will make visiting the showroom much less daunting for the prospect, as they’ll now have a familiar face ready to greet them upon arrival. The video also helps instil confidence that you are a professional dealership to do business with, with premises that the customer can visit.

Sales videos allow customers to gain a better understanding of their desired car’s true size that standard images simply can’t replicate online. The walkarounds also give you the chance to highlight specific features on a car which can easily be missed by the customer themselves when glancing over vehicle details online, allowing you to offer even more reasons why the car would be a great purchase. Why not go the extra mile, by showcasing how some of the features work to help peak the customer’s interest?

Why Should Car Dealers Be Using Dragon2000 Personalised Sales Videos

Dragon2000’s APPraise mobile app allows your team to create personalised sales videos at the press of a button and send the footage directly to your customers, increasing the confidence they have in your stock and tempting them into booking a test drive.

Your sales staff can easily stitch together multiple videos within the app if you would rather create several recordings and combine them into one, before sending the website link featuring the final video to your customers by text or email. This takes them to a landing page which has even been branded to match your dealership, with contact details included, to further boost your trustworthiness and professionalism with car buyers.

APPraise is fully integrated with our DragonDMS dealer management system.

You’ll receive a notification as soon as the recording has been viewed by your prospect for the first time, giving you the chance to get in contact with them while they are fully engaged, having just viewed the video. Sales videos can also be watched as often as your customer desires, with the total number of views recorded so that you can understand exactly how keen they are on your stock.

Personalised sales videos have made the APPraise mobile app a must-have tool for any car dealer who is looking to build trust with enquiring car buyers and grow their profits with an increase in sales conversions.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Contact our sales team today by calling 01327 222 333 or emailing sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system and car dealer websites can help your business increase profits and reduce costs. Our mobile apps for sales teams and workshops can also help save valuable time and maximise efficiencies.

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