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How Car Dealers Can Use Website Live Chat To Their Advantage

4th October 2018

Dragon2000 have announced they have teamed up with TWO live chat service providers, Talkative and Click4Assistance.

Appearing on your website 24/7, the live chat features also allow your customers to communicate with your business outside of office hours, which could be the difference between them dealing with you and looking elsewhere.

What is Live Chat?

Located in the lower corner of your website in the form of a small pop-up window, your online customers will have access to an instant messaging service which allows them to quickly and easily begin a conversation with your business. As technology has evolved, less people are choosing to pick up the phone to make simple enquiries, and are more likely to move onto another website if they reach a stumbling block online. With live chat enabled on your website, customers have the opportunity to make enquiries and ask questions, which keeps them engaged with your business.

There are two types of live chat service we are offering to DragonDMS users:

Attended Live Chat

With each live chat duration averaging 17 minutes, you may prefer to have a third party operator to answer your website enquiries on your behalf, while you’re handling business back at the dealership.

Running 24/7, this service allows your customers to always engage with a UK-based agent who is trained up on how your dealership works, and qualified leads are then integrated into the DragonDMS – regardless of your website provider – so you can progress serious enquiries through to sale. Figures show that 56% of automotive enquiries are made outside of 9am-5pm office hours, so this feature could make a real difference to your lead conversion rate.

Non-Attended Live Chat

Handle all live chats that come through your website in real time, allowing you to deal directly with the customer.

Taking care of your own live chat enquiries will enable you to treat the customer as if they were on the forecourt with you, potentially transforming a speculative website visitor into a car buyer. This option could also give you valuable first-hand experience of how well your website is promoting your business by noticing trends in the live chat enquiries you receive.

Both live chat providers are offering exclusive deals for Dragon2000 customers, so please contact our Sales team on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk for more information.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Talk to our team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs.

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