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The Benefits Of A Fully Integrated DMS, Website & Mobile App

25th November 2016

With a Dealer Management System being the core component of any dealer’s day-to-day operations, used car dealers should be looking to streamline their systems as much as possible.

Having a comprehensive, mature and supported Dealer Management System is very important, as dealers do not want to be caught out by new legislation or rate changes that the providers of very basic management/invoicing systems attached to websites, or less well-established DMS providers, may not be aware of.

Being able to link live to a sleek fresh looking website is the next step, so that dealers’ stock and any pricing changes are updated immediately on their website – a massive time saver, while it also removes the risk of any discrepancies between the two. The ability to have website enquiries appear instantly within the DMS means no email notifications disappearing into the junk folder, no typing out the details, and that all enquiries can be seen and assigned by the sales manager, giving complete control.

To completely take care of dealers’ needs, the final step is mobile app integration. Whilst there has been an influx of different apps from various providers available to appraise vehicles, send presentation videos to customers, and carry out vehicle health checks, dealers would benefit from one simple app that does all of that, but more importantly, also integrates with their DMS.

Having such integration is a huge cost saving for dealers using our services, as in addition to our Dealer Management System DragonDMS, we also offer fully integrated low-cost bespoke websites, and our free mobile app, Dragon APPraise – some dealers are paying up to several hundred pounds per month for other providers’ mobile apps that only cover one aspect and have no integration capability.

Here are just some of the things that dealers can benefit from if they have a fully integrated DMS, Car Dealer Website and mobile app like ours:

Easy Stock Advertising

Saving time means spending that time more productively, letting dealers get on with selling cars. Dealers only need to enter a stock vehicle’s details once in one system, halving the amount of time it would usually take to upload stock to a Dealer Management System and a Car Dealer Website separately.

Vehicle stock price changes and descriptions within DragonDMS are applied to the website instantly, and prices sent to online advertisers are also managed within the DMS, meaning there is no risk of human error where the same info being keyed manually into multiple sites.

No More Lost Enquiries & Bookings

Stand-alone website enquiry emails can end easily end up in spam/junk folders and be missed.

With Dragon2000 Car Dealer Websites, all website bookings are automatically stored in the ‘Pending Bookings’ section of DragonDMS, with all website car sales enquiries placed in the CRM module. From within the CRM, Sales Managers are able to assign enquiries to a member of their team and follow the progress of them all within the Dealer Management System.

Integrated Sales Images and Videos

Dragon APPraise, the free mobile app from Dragon2000 that works freely on both Android and Apple devices, stores all the appraisals, personalised car sales presentation videos, Vehicle Health Checks and VHC videos in DragonDMS for future reference – this is particularly important for appraisals and VHC’s in case of customer queries.

Buying Stock

With the ability to appraise a part exchange or a vehicle being bought for stock, Dragon APPraise lets dealers record the condition of vehicles with descriptions and images before feeding it back in to DragonDMS, which can help settle disputes about condition at a later date.

Dealers can also enter vehicles into thier stock when they are away from the premises – they simply enter the registration plate and allow the VRM lookup to populate the remaining fields before the vehicle is then fed back in to DragonDMS.

Integrated Vehicle Health Checks

Designed to help increase customer trust and provide upselling opportunities, VHC’s are increasingly becoming a standard procedure for service departments to carry out before they undertake any work.

With Dragon APPraise, as well as being able to create multiple checklist templates and ensure a VHC has been completed, the integration with DragonDMS allows users to convert items from a VHC directly into a labour line of a service job or list them as an advisory, depending on whether or not the customer has given the work the go-ahead.

Dealers are also able to monitor the effectiveness of VHC’s within their service department through a VHC statistics report that lets them view the number of items from VHC’s that have been added to jobs, added as advisories or have been left with no action.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Talk to our team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs.

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