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Autodata Integration

Help technicians identify and fix vehicle faults faster and improve labour efficiencies

Autodata Integration

An optional tool within the Dragon2000 Workshop App is the fault code feature, powered by Autodata.

This feature can help improve the speed that technicians are able to diagnose and fix a vehicle fault, which increases their efficiency. Technicians can enter the fault codes within the app and be presented with descriptions and possible causes to help them resolve the problem.

Fault code information is also fed straight into the dealer management system, where it can be viewed within the vehicle service record. Vehicle specific service and repair times integration is also available within the DragonDMS.

Autodata Tablet
Look up individual vehicle fault codes
View fault codes within the DragonDMS
Improve technician efficiencies

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help upsell work and save valuable time

Gain full control of your workshop and improve technician efficiencies with real-time service job tracking, vehicle health checks and improve trust with customer videos.

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