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Vehicle Compatibility With Newly Introduced E10 Petrol

6th September 2021

Fuel stations across the country have now officially switched their standard petrol to the new E10 grade, as part of the effort to reduce the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions.

All petrol vehicles built in the last 10 years are able to use E10 fuel, however the Department for Transport (DfT) has estimated that 700,000 vehicles on the road will still need to use E5, now labelled as the ‘super’ alternative at the pumps.

Car Dealers Must Know Vehicle Compatibility With Newly Introduced E10 Petrol

The difference between the two fuels is that E10 contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, while E5 has just half that amount. With less fossil fuel required for the new petrol, the environmental benefit from the reduced emissions is expected to be the equivalent of removing 350,000 vehicles from the road.

Most cars and motorcycles manufactured since the late nineties are also approved by manufacturers to use E10, however, according to the DfT, the following vehicles listed below may not be compatible with E10 petrol:

• classic, cherished and older vehicles
• some specific models, particularly those from the early 2000s
• some mopeds, particularly those with an engine size of 50cc or under

Car dealerships and garages may well find themselves fielding queries from confused customers asking for advice on whether their current car, or a car they are interested in buying in the dealers stock, is compatible.

Filling up an incompatible car with E10 won’t cause immediate damage, however the petrol’s corrosiveness over a long period of time could have an impact on any exposed seals, plastics and metals.

The RAC Foundation have calculated that 28,000 Volkswagen Golf’s and 18,000 Mazda MX5’s are among the popular UK vehicles currently on the road which are not supported by the new petrol.

The government have set up a free online checker for anyone who needs to check their vehicle compatibility with E10.



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