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Auto Trader Real-Time Integration Available To All DragonDMS Users

3rd November 2021

Auto Trader have announced that they are including the first phase of their real-time data product Auto Trader Connect, known as Retail Essentials, as part of all their standard advertising packages from 2022, with early access from 1st December 2021 for dealers using existing third party live data integrations with Auto Trader.

This will be replacing the standard advertising data upload feed method dealer management systems and website providers currently use to send bulk adverts to appear on Auto Trader, which is sent automatically to Auto Trader several times daily to process changes.

Auto Trader Real Time Integration Available To All Dragondms Dealer Management System Users

The DragonDMS dealer management system already has an established live integration with Auto Trader Connect, which we developed and implemented as an optional integration feed for dealers sending their stock to Auto Trader through our software in early 2020, having worked closely with Auto Trader’s development team on the project.

Dragon2000 will be providing this real-time integration within the DragonDMS for free from 1st December to dealers using our dealer management system when Auto Trader opens up the real-time data to all dealers using integrated systems.

The live integration means that adverts on Auto Trader can be updated in real time at the click of a button within the DragonDMS, meaning prospective customers are always presented with up-to-date vehicle details. This feature saves dealers hours of time from switching between different systems and re-entering information and reduces the risk of data entry mistakes.

The status of Auto Trader adverts is also displayed within the DragonDMS as part of the live integration, allowing dealers to intelligently manage their advertised vehicles, which is particularly useful if you’re capped at a set number of adverts and need to reconfigure.

For more information about the DragonDMS dealer management system and the Auto Trader live integration, please contact our sales team on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk.

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