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Revamped Google Mobile Search Display Provides More Clarity

30th May 2019

Google have redesigned their mobile search page to provide more clarity over the source of each listing, allowing internet users to quickly identify each website search result using the URL and company logo.

The visual change has seen website branding prioritised for the first time on Google, with a company’s logo now displayed with its URL above the search result. Similar to the layout of a social media news feed, the new design provides people with the opportunity to quickly identify who is providing the information before reaching any of the actual content.

The newly displayed image is taken from your website’s favicon, which is the small logo located within the website address bar at the top of your internet browser.

The advertised listings, which are usually at the top of your search results, will not feature a logo and instead will have ‘Ad’ displayed in place of the favicon. This makes it easier for people to identify adverts and choose whether or not to move onto the organic search results.

Google’s revamped display means that car dealer and garage websites can now be discovered more easily in google mobile searches, especially by customers already familiar with their branding – reinforcing the need for dealers and garages to have their own website to be found online in a competitive market.



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