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How Car Dealers Can Turn Lost Sales into Sales Opportunities

24th June 2019

Car dealers may often find themselves in a situation where a vehicle that they have been advertising for sale has attracted many enquiries, but is then quickly sold. So what should a dealer do with these enquiries from prospective customers who have missed out on the used car that they were interested in buying?

Thinking that they are just “lost sales” is a short-sighted view to take, as your prospective customer may well be open to buying similar used cars that you have in stock.

The DragonDMS allows desired vehicles to be added against a customer enquiry record, which can help turn a lost sale into a potential future sale. Any of your other stock vehicles with similarities to the desired car will be highlighted based on the criteria within the enquiry record, so you can quickly offer alternatives to your prospective customer.

If that doesn’t result in the sale of a similar vehicle at that time, the DragonDMS will instantly alert your sales staff to the potential buyer as soon as the criteria for the desired vehicle is ever added into your stock, giving your dealership the perfect opportunity to contact the prospect in case they are still in the market for that type of car.

The desired vehicle feature can also help with buying decisions when you’re sourcing stock, as you’ll quickly become aware of what’s in demand from potential car buyers who have made enquiries.

The feature allows your business to turn stock at a faster rate, by making an instant connection between an enquiring customer and the desired vehicle during the stock uploading process, which dealers should be taking advantage of to help turn lost sales into fresh opportunities.



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