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How Interactive Condition Reports Can Benefit Garages And Workshops

6th February 2020

Dragon2000’s dealer management system users who are also using the new Workshop App product can make use of a great feature within the app – interactive vehicle condition reports.

Service Advisors, Technicians and Collection & Delivery drivers can now highlight the exact location of any problems with the outside of the vehicle using a digital image within the app, which makes the process much easier for dealerships and garages, compared to using paper based flat-car images to write down existing damage and body or paint issues.

How Interactive Condition Reports Can Benefit Garages And Workshops

Within the new Workshop App, a variety of body type templates can be assigned to cars and vans for the condition reports. Just tapping the on-screen interactive image marks the areas where the dents, scratches or any other issues are, and the front, back, sides and top of the vehicle can all be displayed for you to highlight problem areas, which ensures any existing damage on the exterior is digitally recorded for future reference and is easy to understand at a glance.

Size and severity can also be detailed within each pinpointed area so that you can provide an accurate description, along with any additional comments, photos and even estimated repair costs. The Workshop App is fully integrated with the DragonDMS, so once your condition report is complete and uploaded to the dealer management system, it can be printed or emailed with the highlighted locations you have noted on display – so the customer can see and agree the condition of their vehicle when it was handed over to garage staff.

The condition reports are ideal for recording existing damage on a customer’s vehicle when they drop it off for any service or repair work to be completed, as this can avoid potential disputes over existing damage. For dealers and garages who operate a collection and delivery service, this feature is also ideal to note the condition upon picking the customer’s vehicle up and dropping it back to them after it has been in the workshop.

If you provide courtesy cars for your customers, then the condition reports would also be vital for keeping track of the exterior condition before and after each use, to identify any damage that has occurred whilst in the possession of the customer.



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