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Grey Tops The UK’s Favourite New Car Colour Chart Again

27th January 2020

Over half a million grey cars were registered in 2019, positioning the colour as the UK’s favourite for the second year in a row with 23% of the total market, which equates to more than 1 in 5 new cars sold with grey paint.

Black (20%) and white (18%) completed the top 3, with the trio amounting to a combined 61% of 2019’s new car registrations. Only Scotland and the Channel Islands preferred a different colour, choosing white instead of the popular grey. It has now been 9 years since a primary colour broke into the top 3, which was blue in 2010.

2019 Car Colour Chart

The report, created by the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT), also highlighted that the least popular car colours of 2019 were cream, maroon and pink, which failed to amount to even 1% of the year’s registrations. Only grey and turquoise saw an increase in numbers compared to 2018.

Paint colour choice also differs when examining opposite ends of the car market – the mini segment comprising the smallest cars were more likely to be white, while it was more common for luxury and executive saloon cars to be found in black. Petrol and Diesel fuel car drivers had a tendency to opt for grey, with white being the most popular colour choice for battery electric vehicles with zero emissions.

As dealers begin to settle into this new decade, it’s interesting to note how the UK’s taste in car colours has completely changed since 1999. In those 20 years, the top 3 went from blue, red and silver, to grey, black and white.


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