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How Car Dealers Could Be Missing Out On Enquiries

7th March 2017

With consumers becoming increasingly accustomed to purchasing goods and services more quickly and efficiently than ever before, it is understandable why many expect the same level of service when they are dealing with car dealers and garages too.

Regardless of whether potential customers are making an enquiry through a website, email or over the phone, it is important dealers structure their business processes in such a way that they are able to not only attract enquiries, but also reply to them as efficiently as possible.

Car Dealer Websites

A growing source of enquiries are those that come via a dealer’s website. It is imperative then, that car dealer websites are modern looking and user-friendly to engage website visitors and attract new business.

Mobile responsive websites are a must, enabling it to re-size to whichever device it is being viewed on. Dealers without responsive websites are not only driving away visitors, but they are also damaging their SEO, as Google will actively penalise non-responsive websites in their search results.

Car finance integration on dealer websites is also an important tool given current buying trends. Allowing users to build their own instant quotes as part of their research process, an integrated finance calculator is of utmost importance for attracting enquiries due to the rise of cars that are being purchased through finance, where monthly payment amounts drive the customer’s budget. Similarly, workshops should be looking to engage their visitors by accommodating an online booking form on their website, allowing their customers to submit enquiries or service bookings at a time that suits them.

With car dealer websites becoming more interactive with the introduction of finance calculators and online booking forms, sales videos are also becoming a common feature, allowing dealers to give a more comprehensive walk-around presentation of their stock. The Dragon APPraise mobile app, which is free of charge to all Dragon2000 customers, allows our dealers not only to record and send personalised videos of their stock directly to their customers’ mobile phones as part of the enquiry process, but also upload the videos to a Dragon2000 built Car Dealer Website too as they are automatically attached to the vehicle record within DragonDMS.

While a growing amount of consumers now prefer to submit their enquiries through a website, there are still those who like to make initial contact over the phone or by email, in which case dealers should make sure it is easy for them to do so. Having a contact page that displays up-to-date and correct contact information is crucial for not only attracting enquiries, but also to ensure dealers are able to reply to them in an efficient manner.


Still a popular source of enquiries for dealers and workshops, replying to emails in a professional and swift manner is an important process for dealers to carry out.

Having a fully integrated car dealer website and Dealer Management System prevents lost enquiries and saves valuable time as staff no longer have to retype the details in to another system.

For dealers that have a Dragon2000 built Car Dealer Website and the DragonDMS DealerManagement System, their website enquiries and bookings automatically appear in the DMS. Sales Managers are then also able to assign enquiries to a member of their team before monitoring its progress.


Once dealers have been successful in attracting an enquiry, it is crucial they capitalise on that lead by responding to the customer as quickly as possible. Having an adequately trained member of staff to answer the phone and deal with the enquiry is vital to give them the best chance of conversion to sale. If the customer’s call is not answered, the chances are they will grow frustrated and seek out another dealer.

If dealers find their business is missing calls due to a lack of resources, they might find that it may actually be more cost-efficient to hire a new member of staff to deal with phone enquiries, when compared to the loss of business from potential customers who went elsewhere after having their enquiry call go unanswered.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Talk to our team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs.

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