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Further Increase Customer Trust and Profits with VHC App Enhancements

2nd October 2017

Our APPraise app’s Vehicle Health Check (VHC) tool has been updated again so garages and workshops can further increase customer trust and also make the most of profit opportunities. The app fully integrates with our dealer management system so there is no re-keying information, and best of all, the app is available to our DragonDMS users at no extra charge!

You can also create your own checklists to tailor them to your specific business, so you aren’t tied to the standard VHC list of items if you need a bit more flexibility.

The APPraise app works on any Apple or Android mobile device, and VHCs can be carried out for existing jobs, or you can choose the new option of completing one on the fly and attach it to a job later via the DragonDMS.

Vehicle Health Checks are proven to increase profit potential, and increase customer trust, and are easy for customers to understand with the traffic light system of Red (work required immediately), Amber (work required soon) and Green (work not required). The VHC app is simple for technicians to use, and completed VHCs are also easy to manage within the DragonDMS.

Another addition to the VHC app is the ability to add comments to Green items, to describe the condition of the item for the customer, even if work is not required. Even if there is nothing to report, you should still produce a VHC report for your customer as they will no doubt appreciate being told their car passed the checks and will increase their trust in your business as a result.

After completing the VHC report checklist, your technicians should also create a short VHC video for the customer with commentary to show them the condition of their vehicle. To help with this, our VHC Video feature has another enhancement – now your staff can send the video link to a customer by text message or email direct from the app, as well as from the DragonDMS – whichever suits the way your workshop works. An email alert is sent to you once the customer has watched it, so it is an ideal time to call them to discuss if they want the work carried out.



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