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Classic Car & Motorcycle MOT Exemption for the Over-Forties

4th October 2017

New rules have been passed by the Government, giving classic vehicles MOT exemption for the over-forties. Unfortunately this applies to the age of the vehicle, not the owner!

From 20 May 2018, around 293,000 classic cars and motorcycles built or first registered more than forty years ago will be given exemption from MOT testing, in addition to the 197,000 pre-1960 vehicles that are already exempt. The exemption will then continue on a rolling basis for vehicles built after 1978.

Vehicles already become exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) on reaching the age of 40, so the new rule will bring MOT testing exemption in line with this.

The Department of Transport reasoned that vehicles of this age are usually maintained in good condition and driven on short trips on few occasions, and that the modern test is no longer relevant to them as garages are unable to test them adequately.

From a safety point of view, they also gave consideration to the fact that MOT failure rates and the number of fatalities and serious injuries involving vehicles over forty years old, are both lower than rates for newer vehicles.

Around 6% of pre-1960 vehicles currently submit their vehicles for voluntary MOT testing, and this will still be an option for owners of newly exempt vehicles. Like all vehicle owners, they are responsible for ensuring that they keep their vehicle in a roadworthy condition at all times.



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