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Why Should Garages Utilise Interactive Condition Reports?

15th September 2023

Dealerships and garages are continuing to replace traditional paper-based processes with time-saving digital solutions to improve their workshop efficiency, which has led to an increase in popularity for modern tools such as interactive condition reports.

Condition reports carried out on paper can quickly become messy and difficult to read, particularly when there are many issues to record. The limited space for notes also means there’s no room for human error, which could result in staff having to throw away the entire report and start again if making any mistakes, taking valuable time out of their day.

Interactive condition reports allow users to accurately pinpoint any issues by simply tapping the affected area using a vehicle template on their tablet or mobile device. The ability to label and edit any defects directly on an image of the vehicle, without worrying about spacing or legibility issues, makes logging and reading the report much easier for your service advisors, technicians, and collection/delivery drivers.

Why Should Dealerships And Garages Utilise Interactive Condition Reports

Dragon2000’s Workshop App features interactive condition reports, which come with a wide variety of vehicle templates and angles to choose from. Whether it’s a car, bike, van, motorbike, motorhome, or HGV, we have the template for you so that your reports are as accurate as possible.

Upon identifying any issues with the body or paintwork of a vehicle, users just need to select the relevant template within the Workshop App and tap the location of the defect to easily add it to the report. The type of damage, size, severity, and cost (if required) can all be added to provide your condition report with as much detail as possible, which could prove invaluable if the report needs to be referred to at a later stage.

Completed condition reports are uploaded directly to the DragonDMS dealer management system, thanks to the software’s integration with the Workshop App. Once in the DMS, the report can be emailed to your customer if required, with all of the recorded notes on display for them to view.

Condition reports are ideal for recording existing damage when a customer drops off their vehicle at the workshop for a service or MOT, or when you’re collecting and delivering their vehicle if your business offers this service. Another good use for condition reports is for monitoring the state of your courtesy cars each time they’re returned, allowing you to instantly recognise if any damage has taken place while in the hands of a customer.

To find out more about our interactive condition reports and other features in the Workshop App that can help to improve your efficiencies and profits, please contact our sales team on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk.



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