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Ways to Improve Your Return on Sales

14th June 2013

So, you have calculated your Return on Sales percentage and would like to know how you could possibly increase this. There are ways to improve ROS and we have included some of these tips for you to consider:

  • Increase the price of your vehicles. It helps to perform some research so you don’t price your business out of any sales by being much more expensive than your competition. However, if your vehicles come with a better warranty or customer service, ensure you push that as a reason that your prices are different.
  • Cut the cost of preparing / selling vehicles. Preparing used vehicles ready for sale can be a costly operation so look at ways to reduce this if possible.

Dragon2000’s Dealer Management System makes it easier for you to work out your R.O.S %.

There are a suite of reports within the Management Reports section. Under Vehicles Sales there is a report called ‘Sales Report’. This will help you to identify your net profit and your company turnover over a timescale specified by you, so that you can calculate your Return on Sales is and understand how profitable your dealership is.

To read more about Management Reports, click here.

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