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ULEZ Compliant Vehicles Automatically Labelled On Dragon2000 Built Websites

18th November 2021

Car dealers with a Dragon2000 built website and DragonDMS dealer management system are set to benefit from a new time saving feature that automatically recognises a vehicle’s ULEZ status and highlights its compliance to prospective buyers viewing their stock online.

Vehicles that dealers choose to advertise on their website that are ULEZ compliant are identified automatically from the fuel and emission details on the vehicle record. Via the seamless integration between the DragonDMS dealer management system and Dragon2000 built websites, a green ULEZ label with a tick will automatically appear next to the vehicle title online on the vehicle’s stock page to signify that it meets the emission standards and is therefore allowed to be driven in Low Emission Zones across the country without incurring charges.

ULEZ compliant vehicles now automatically labelled on car dealer websites powered by dragon2000

Petrol vehicles with an emissions class of either Euro 4, Euro 5 or Euro 6 will be recognised as ULEZ compliant, as will diesel vehicles with the Euro 6 emissions class. Fully electric vehicles with zero emissions will also be labelled as ULEZ compliant.

The number of Low Emission Zones in the UK is steadily increasing as certain vehicles are restricted from accessing polluted areas in order to improve air quality across the country. Bath, Birmingham and London already have zones in place, with Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield all planning to introduce the scheme before the end of 2022. London has also recently extended their Ultra Low Emission Zone to cover all areas within the North and South Circular, with the new zone now being 18 times larger. This new area covers 25% of London, making it the largest Low Emission Zone in Europe.

Driving vehicles which are not ULEZ compliant in these zones could prove costly to unaware drivers, with London charging a £160 penalty fine for those who fail to pay the initial £12.50 daily charge. ULEZ compliant vehicles are able to be driven through Low Emission Zones as they meet the emission standards, making this attribute essential to some car buyers and possibly being the deciding factor in your dealership making a sale.



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