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Highlight Hotspots

Attract your customer's attention to areas of interest within your 360 degree images

Highlight Hotspots

You can showcase particular areas of your stock vehicles within the 360 degree image on your website.

This allows you to attract attention to as many areas of interest of the vehicle as you like, simply add photos of the areas and your prospective customers will be drawn to zoom in on these areas.

Highlighting features and options of these vehicles as the viewer navigates around the vehicle lets you get across those important selling points to potential buyers to encourage enquiries.

Spin360 Hotspots
Clearly visible on the main 360 image
Zooms in on the areas you want to draw attention to
Add text labels to describe the area or attract interest

Put your customers in the driving seat with the Spin360 app

Integrated with Dragon2000 built websites, create interactive and engaging 360 degree images of your vehicle stock.

Spin360 Exterior And Interior Image