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Scheming To Gain Your Customers Trust

15th May 2013

In today’s market, second hand car dealers and garages are still unfortunately perceived by the majority of people as being “dodgy” or “crooked” and therefore it can be difficult to get customers to trust in your business.

Which Garage Scheme?

Of course, there are ways to reduce this view and that is by associating your garage with an approving body or a garage scheme.There are three main categories to consider.

Independent Scheme

The Good Garage Scheme enables the effective self-regulation of independent workshops and garages. Following a strict code of conduct, working to an industry standard checklist and being subjected to mystery shopper style audits, are just a few things that garages belonging to the scheme must adhere to. Motorists can log onto the website to locate a trustworthy garage in their area.

To find out more, visit the website.

Commercial Scheme

Service centres that are appraised by a commercially known brand such as Bosch, are a great way of gaining customers’ confidence in your business. This usually means that the garage will be using Bosch parts and also allows the garage to trade of the well-recognised and trusted brand name.

To find out more, visit the website.

Government Scheme

Often these schemes are locally based. The largest government scheme in the UK is the ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme which is approved by Trading Standards. This means that the garage has undergone a series of detailed checks to ensure it operates in a fair and legal way.

To find out more, visit the website.

As we have a high level of experience in the motor trade industry, we would recommend that even having just one of these schemes in place, would be beneficial to your business but obviously, the more the better.



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