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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Hardware?

20th May 2013

Do you have DragonDMS installed directly onto your computer? Perhaps you have noticed that DragonDMS does not appear to be running as quickly as it used to?

Time to Upgrade Your Hardware

The most common reason for a slow network speed is mainly due to out of date computer systems and old networks, something our support team regularly try to explain. If you are still using Windows 95 or 98 (which we hope you aren’t), then an upgrade to a more up-to-date operating system, (Windows 7 or higher) will not only improve how DragonDMS performs for you but also your overall business office performance.

It’s worth noting for those of you using Windows XP, this operating system is now over ten years old! It was released in 2001. You wouldn’t hang on to a mobile phone that is this old, so why run your business on old hardware? If spending a lot of money on new hardware is not an option for you right now, have you considered using DragonDMS on a ‘cloud hosted’ basis?

Contact us if you would like to find out more about DragonDMS and its benefits.

If you are ready to upgrade your hardware, why not go to your nearest PC World to see what they have or look online by visiting their website.



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