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New Petrol And Diesel HGV Lorries Banned By Government From 2040

2nd August 2021

The government’s campaign to cut carbon emissions has now reached HGVs, with the sale of new petrol and diesel lorries scheduled to end in 2040.

High pollution levels in the UK have resulted in the transport sector being targeted for improvement, with all non-zero emission road vehicles set to be phased out over the next 19 years. The changes are part of the government’s plan to record net zero emissions by 2050.

New Petrol And Diesel Hgv Lorries Banned By Government From 2040

In a publication uploaded to the government website recently, it was revealed that new medium-sized petrol and diesel HGVs, weighing up to 26 tonnes, will no longer be sold from 2035, while the heavier lorries will have an extra 5 years of sales before the ban. Despite the proposal still being subject to consultation, an earlier date will be put forward if the technology in the coming years allows for it.

The ban on petrol and diesel cars and vans was also initially set for 2040, however this was later brought forward 10 years to 2030.



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