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New MOT Rules: How VHCs and Video Can Help Build Customer Trust

26th June 2018

With the new MOT rules being in force for just over a month, now is an ideal time to build customer trust and provide some transparency by using videos alongside your Vehicle Health Checks (VHCs).

Based on the urgency of the fault which requires rectification, three new categories have been introduced in the updated MOT inspection manual to grade car defects – minor, major and dangerous, which escalate in severity.

A detailed and transparent video of these faults and their severity can help reassure customers and build trust with your business. Failed MOT items can be clearly demonstrated on a video whilst you give a running commentary. Take brake discs as an example: You can show the customer if they are judged to be ‘significantly’ or ‘obviously worn’, so that they can see the condition up close for themselves.

If you offer your customers regular free VHCs that include images and videos of items, then this can help to identify worn parts that need attention on an ongoing basis, producing more revenue potential. This also means the cost to the customer of maintaining their vehicle is spread over time, so they are less likely to be presented with a large repair bill when the more stringent MOT test takes place.

The VHC tool within our free mobile app, APPraise, allows technicians to accurately record the condition of a vehicle using images with descriptions for each item, and also to record a video to easily inform the customer of MOT repairs, with a strong focus on items that are potentially serious defects. Being able to refer back to a report within the DragonDMS with stored images and video footage is essential, should there be any future query on the vehicle.

You can email the VHC report and video link directly to your customer, highlighting their vehicle’s defects to help them decide whether to have any work carried out or not.  From a customer’s point of view, seeing the actual technician who has been working on their car and getting first-hand information demonstrates transparency, which helps to create trust and increase repeat business.

The VHC works on a traffic light system of red, amber and green, and you can create your own checklist templates, so that you can have different types of VHCs and tailor them as required. As it seamlessly integrates with DragonDMS, should the customer decide not to go ahead with certain VHC items during this process, they can be marked as Advisories within the system and a follow-up date can be set, which generates CRM reminders. This streamlines the whole communication process between the technician, customer and workshop advisor, and helps to capture the additional work in the future.

Following the new MOT rules, now would be the perfect time to take advantage of APPraise and Vehicle Health Checks including sending videos, to see not only a greater relationship with your customers, but also a greater profit within your business.



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