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New HPI Check Facility

7th May 2013

An HPI (Hire Purchase Investigation) check is a must for any car sales dealer when it comes to selling any vehicle. DragonDMS includes an HPI check cacility, which gives both you and your customers that extra peace of mind.

HPI Check Facility

The 2015 release of DragonDMS now includes an HPI  check facility within the car sales module. It can be used independently or within a used car record. You only need to know the vehicle registration number or the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The information provided is industry standard. DragonDMS makes it clear and easy to understand. The main checks that are performed within the HPI check facility include the following:

  • Vehicle ID
  • Stolen
  • Finance
  • Security Watch
  • Condition Inspected
  • Insurance Write Off (Theft/Damage)
  • Plate Transfer

If the checks are clear, a green ‘clear’ icon will be displayed. If not, a red cross. The HPI check results will also supply the basic vehicle details. To see an example of an HPI check report, click the image below:

To find out more about HPI, visit their website.

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