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MOT Failure Figures Released – How VHCs Can Help Garages and Workshops

24th July 2019

The government have revealed that almost 9 million cars have failed the new MOT test since its introduction in May last year.

The figures, covering the period between the introduction of the new test on 20 May 2018 and the end of March 2019, amount to 26.7 million MOT tests under the new rules, of which 33% were failed. By keeping in regular contact with your customers and carrying out routine maintenance and checks, emerging issues can be identified earlier so that you can help vehicles pass their MOT with flying colours.

Not only does this help encourage customer loyalty, it can also increase trust with your business. If routine maintenance costs are spread out and small problems identified before they escalate, this will help your customer avoid a surprise large bill if their vehicle fails its MOT – which can sour the customer relationship.

The APPraise app’s Vehicle Health Check tool can help bring attention to any vehicle issues before they cause a failure on the MOT test. Images and video footage can be sent directly to your customer, highlighting any potential defects that may need work – creating a sense of trust as you guide them through exactly what items have failed the VHC.

It is also important to show customers the items that have passed the checks as well as those that need attention – this gives the customer a balanced view and complete transparency, plus a sense that it isn’t all bad news!

Workshops can create their own Vehicle Health Check templates from within the APPraise app, including their own checklist items, which are then seamlessly integrated into the DragonDMS. Upon the completion of a Vehicle Health Check, a clear and simple traffic light report is produced, ranking each component as either red, yellow or green, depending on the urgency of any required work.

The Vehicle Health Checks can create upselling opportunities to improve your profitability, while utilising mobile technology results in a huge time saver that, unsurprisingly, helps increase customer loyalty and trust.



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