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June Used Car Sales Sees Electric Vehicles Grow In Popularity

6th July 2022

Used car dealers are beginning to source more and more electric vehicles and see an increase in profits, as Auto Trader reveals the top 10 fastest selling used cars in June were mostly EVs.

At an average selling time of just 27 days, electric vehicles were leaving forecourts almost a full week before petrol and diesel cars, and of the top 10 cars which sold the quickest, 7 of them were EVs. In comparison, no electric vehicles were in the same top 10 list 12 months ago.

The figures highlight a change in buying habits as drivers are steadily stepping away from traditional fuel types, with the wider range of EV models available and ever-growing fuel costs both expected to be playing a role in the shift.

Car Dealers Selling More Used Ev Vehicles In June 2022

Used car dealers can prepare themselves for the increase in EV demand and improved stock turn by simplifying their processes with a comprehensive dealer management system, allowing their whole business to be managed from a single platform and removing the need to switch between multiple systems throughout the day for different tasks.

The DragonDMS dealer management system has a host of feed integrations available to help car dealers manage and advertise their stock, including the Auto Trader live feed which allows you to make the most of your adverts with instant updates to advertised stock and being able to access current adjusted vehicle valuations.



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