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How Can Finance Calculators Increase Sales From Presentation Videos?

8th July 2022

Dealer management system and car dealer website provider Dragon2000 examines below how combining sales presentation videos with finance calculators can quickly guide potential car buyers along the steps of the sales process to help increase conversions to sale.

Sending walkaround videos to enquiring customers is a proven way to pique their interest in a vehicle you have on the forecourt, however dealers can definitely benefit from also adding finance calculators to their video links in order to help speed up the sales process.

Prospective customers are at their most engaged after watching a video of the vehicle they are interested in, which is why having the finance information readily available upon viewing is essential to maximise chances of a sale, with affordability being the next stage of the car buying journey once a customer is happy with their vehicle choice.

Sales presentation videos provide customers with a closer look at their desired vehicle before they head to the showroom, offering them the chance to see the car up close and at more angles than standard website images can provide. Adding your own commentary and highlighting the vehicle’s selling points throughout the video will create a more personalised experience for car buyers and offer extra reassurance on the quality of your stock, building trust between them and your business at the earliest opportunity.

How Can Finance Calculators Increase Sales From Presentation Videos

Car dealers using the APPraise mobile app can send vehicle presentation videos directly to their prospective buyers via a link in an email or text, which will open their personalised walkaround recording in a browser online. An optional finance integration can appear on the same link you send to customers, allowing them to easily adjust the deposit and terms to suit their needs before submitting their application for approval, all within moments of viewing the video.

Upon completion, finance quotes and applications will be integrated straight into the DragonDMS dealer management system, ready to be progressed by your sales team. The vehicle record will also automatically update to show the time, date and number of views from your walkaround recording, giving you an insight into the customer’s level of interest. Additionally, an email will be sent out to your dealership as soon as the customer has viewed the video for the first time, providing you with the chance to act fast to contact them and secure the sale.



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