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The Price of Data Failure

3rd June 2013

We all know someone who has lost their data as a consequence of computer theft, virus or hardware failure, yet we still come across customers who do not appreciate the effect of such a loss to their business. How do we educate our customers about the importance of doing regular data backups and potential data failure?

The Price of Data Failure….

Imagine walking into your business, you turn on your PC and the screens are blank……all of your data, gone. You’ve lost your customer database, your accounts, you have no vehicle stock list, no parts stock and you can’t chase your debtors or pay your creditors! What do you do now? Everyone thinks, “That will never happen to me”, but Dragon2000 can report several instances of our customers, real motor dealers, who have had to face the dilemma of catastrophic data loss.

This article is not designed to be all doom and gloom, but ask yourself one simple question, ‘What if it ‘data failure’ happened to me?’ Could you cope? What would the effect on your business be? Could you get your system ‘up-and-running’ quickly without massive upheaval and re-inputting of data? Daily backups should be the absolute minimum that you should consider. Backing up needn’t cost the earth either; a simple external hard drive manually updated on a daily basis would be a start.

If you have DragonDMS installed directly onto your computer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you manage your own data backups. Do you have a system in place to prevent data failure from happening?

Dragon2000’s Dealer Management System offers a cloud hosted system. It automatically takes daily backups for you, which are copied to a separate server to help avoid the above scenario. It’s time to ask yourself, “What would be the price of failure?” Time, money and stress? We hope that you are smiling knowing that you have suitable measures in place to ensure this won’t happen to you!



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