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How To Brand Your Dealer Website Consistently With Colour

25th August 2022

Car dealer website and dealer management system provider Dragon2000 examines how dealerships and garages can improve their company websites in this new blog series to help you create a more unique experience for your customers and stand out amongst the competition.

It is essential that your website is visibly a product of your dealership, creating a sense of familiarity with your brand so that there’s a clear link between both your physical and digital showroom. The last thing you want is a customer visiting your premises and questioning if this is really the same dealership from the website, leading to a lack of trust before you’ve even had a conversation about any vehicles.

Using established brand colours across your website will provide instant recognition of your dealership or garage and boost your reputation online, as you appear more professional and trustworthy to car buyers who now have an easy way of identifying your business, both online and offline.

Branding Your Dealer Website With Colour

Most dealership websites use just two colours online, with one of them being either black or white to keep the website clean and easy to read, while the other colour is more dominant and creates the brand association. This dominant colour is often featured immediately at the top of the home page, sitting behind the logo in the header or as a large button on the hero image to make an instant impression. This colour scheme is then used throughout the website, with the black/white ensuring your chosen colour stands out and draws attention to key information, such as ‘call to action’ buttons and promotions. A third brand colour can also be used on your website to highlight other key sections, however this should be limited to not distract from your main company colour.

If you have no brand colours in place, take a look around the showroom at signage and marketing material to see which colours are currently advertising your services and reflect that same experience online. If you’re still unsure which colours to commit to, researching into the psychological meanings behind colours could help to influence your decision and they might even relate to your company values. It’s also sensible to consider your competitors’ branding too, to make sure you don’t inadvertently make your branding too similar to another existing one.

Dealerships and garages can pop into the minds of customers simply through colour association, with visual appearance being a huge factor in successful marketing. Therefore it is vital that you establish a clear colour palette for marketing your brand as early as possible and design your website accordingly, attracting car buyers and giving them instant peace of mind that they’re dealing with a professional and reputable company.



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