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How Can Dealers Source Used Vehicle Stock When Supply Is Low?

11th April 2022

Dealer Management System and Car Dealer Website provider Dragon2000 highlight some simple actions that used car dealers should not overlook when trying to source vehicle stock, amid the continued global semiconductor shortage impacting the availability of new cars which is pushing up demand for used cars.

If you have a service operation as well as vehicle sales, raising the question with service customers when they book their car in with you about potentially buying their car is a relatively easy thing to do, by offering to value their car whilst it is with you, as they are engaged with your business right at that moment. Having the conversation could also lead to selling another of your stock units if the customer is interested in part exchanging their vehicle for something else that you have in stock.

How can dealers source used vehicle stock when supply is low using their car dealer website or dealer management system

Car dealer websites with a dedicated ‘Sell Your Vehicle’ themed page could also yield good results, typically featuring either an online form where an instant value can be obtained or a standard contact form for the customer to fill in their vehicle and personal details so that you can contact them to discuss. This page may well catch the eye of a visitor to your website if it’s also prominent in the navigation bar.

Contacting your existing customer base to determine those that would be open to selling their vehicle to you is definitely a worthwhile exercise, and if your car dealer business is using a dealer management system then contact should only be a few clicks away.

Sending a simple email or text campaign to existing customers, who are open to such communications, reminding them that you buy cars as well as sell them could be all it takes to potentially bring more stock in. Dealers could also use this campaign to direct customers to a designated buying page on their website to indicate a value and capture the information. Alternatively, providing your phone number and offering a free instant vehicle valuation could be the way to bring more second-hand vehicle stock to your forecourt.

The DragonDMS dealer management system features a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) section, providing dealers with easy access to both their prospective and existing customers. Campaign cycles can also be set up within your CRM, ensuring your dealership is in regular contact with customers and always reminding them of your services, which promotes customer engagement and increases the chances of the customer choosing you over your competitors.



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