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Garages Shouldn’t Forget MOT Reminders as DVSA Launches Text Reminders

28th November 2017

Motorists can now sign up to get free text message or email MOT reminders from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Needing just their registration and an email address to sign up, drivers will receive a reminder one month before their MOT is due, and another if they still haven’t had their vehicle tested two weeks before the due date.

Head of MOT Policy at DVSA Neil Barlow said in a blog announcing the development back in July, that at any one time, up to 28% of vehicles will be overdue their MOT. However he believed that the majority are not deliberately ignored, but rather drivers just need to be reminded to have them carried out on time.

Garages should take note of this percentage and ensure that they are sending reminders to their existing service customers and car sales customers who are now due their first MOT under their ownership. Users of our DragonDMS Dealer Management System can easily produce MOT reminder letters, emails and texts to send to their customers before their MOT is due.

Once you have booked the vehicle in for its MOT, it is common to carry out a free Vehicle Health Check (VHC) first, which would highlight any potential fail items which can be rectified before the MOT test, avoiding the extra time and cost of a re-test.

Our APPraise mobile app, which is free to DragonDMS users, allows a comprehensive VHC checklist style report to be produced electronically, as well as the capability to send a video straight to customers’ mobile phones demonstrating the work items required, which increases trust with the customer and is more likely that the customer will authorise the work.



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