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Easing Of Dealership And Garage Restrictions Set For Monday In England

14th July 2021

Car dealerships and garages are set to take a giant step towards normality on Monday 19th July as the easing of England’s Covid restrictions reaches its final phase, with businesses having the option to stop the mandatory wearing of face masks.

Elsewhere in the UK, Scotland will be dropping to the final level of their own roadmap on Monday, with most legal measures expected to be lifted in early August. Wales are also set to review their Covid restrictions on July 15th and Northern Ireland will follow suit 11 days later.

While the English government remains cautious over the latest stage of unlocking the country next week, it will no longer be a legal requirement to wear face masks except in crowded places and on public transport. Social distancing will also now be solely down to personal preference rather than an enforced rule.

Easing Of Dealership And Garage Restrictions Set For Monday In England

Employees working from home will be allowed to return to work next week too, although the government are recommending this is slowly phased out across the summer to avoid any sudden rise in Covid infections.

Whilst many dealership employees may already be back on site full time or are only partly working from home, dealers and garage owners may find it helpful to plan well in advance for those employees who are still waiting to return to the premises, so that each staff member has time to be made aware of any new procedures in place before they return.

Most of the current legal restrictions will no longer be in place from the 19th in England, offering dealerships and garages more freedom with how they operate and protect their staff and customers.

However, despite more control being given back to business owners, some of the measures introduced over the last year will have reassured customers of your company’s high standards and could possibly benefit your reputation by staying for a while longer.

Maintaining stricter cleaning procedures and offering customers the chance to sanitise their hands regularly after touching the same cars over and over again is a great way of showing your company still prioritises their wellbeing, especially when other rules have been relaxed, which should increase trust with your business.

However your dealership or garage chooses to operate from Monday, highlighting any changes on your website will ensure customers are fully prepared for their next visit and boost the confidence they have in returning and dealing with you in the future.



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