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June’s Leaders Workshop

15th June 2016

Dragon2000 hosted its latest free Leaders Workshop on the 8th of June and welcomed a great mix of customers including used sales, workshops, restorers, classic sales and prestige sport dealers.

Those who attended ranged from long-standing customers such as Dorset Jaguar & Sports Cars who have been using DragonDMS for over eight years, to Carite Limited in Bristol who have been customers for a little over six weeks, with a Dragon2000 built website as well as our Dealer Management System.

Regardless of how long those who attended had been a Dragon2000 customer for, the business owners, directors and senior managers who made the trip to our offices for the day were all there to pick up essential tips and information that will have a positive impact on their business. The day covered all the features within DragonDMS that their business may not be using to their full potential, while also explaining the importance in leading their staff to make small process changes that could make a huge difference.

Adrian Luckie, who was attending the event on behalf of Aston Service London has previously suffered from over-complicated Dealer Management Systems in the past, but said of DragonDMS: ‘The great thing about DragonDMS I’ve realised today, is that while it’s really in-depth, it isn’t too intricate to use or understand.”

Adrian’s view seemed to be a common theme across the day, as our leaders in attendance started to learn more and more about the true capabilities of the software available to them and the processes that they could implement to take advantage of this.

Part of our workshop focused on our new mobile app Dragon APPraise and how to incorporate it into dealers’ businesses. Sarah Moule from Dorset Jaguar & Sports Cars was particularly keen to introduce APPraise into their dealership saying: ‘APPraise is of great interest to us, we weren’t really aware of its overall capabilities until today.”

Aside from our new app, dealers were also given an insight into how they could make the DragonDMS work for them, ranging from the way they monitor their sales/service department, to how they utilise the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module and more.

The day proved to be especially valuable for Nathan Reed from Carite Limited in Bristol, particularly as his business have only been DragonDMS and website customers since May.

On the workshop, he said: “So far my only experience of DragonDMS has been playing around with it at the office so it’s been really good to come down here today.

“I’ve found the workshop to be very interesting, in particular how quick it was to link (stock) through to Twitter and email customers sales attachments.”

At the end of the day after the one-to-one meetings, a chance for dealers to address any individual questions that they may have about our software with key support staff and Dragon2000 management, there seemed to be a general enthusiasm among those in attendance to get back to the office and start implementing some of the processes that they had witnessed first-hand.

Danny Clifford from Bluebird Motor Company seemed to sum up the mood well, saying, “The day was very useful, I’m actually quite excited to get back to the office and use Dragon to help us get organised.”

Dragon2000 hosts a Leaders Workshop every month.

Sarah Moule, from Dorset Sports Cars, said, “APPraise is of great interest to us, we weren’t really aware of its overall capabilities until today.”

If you are a Dragon2000 customer and would like to register an interest in attending then please contact us for more information.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Talk to our team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs.

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