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Why Car Dealers Need a Responsive Website

20th June 2016

For car dealers, your website is your shop window. So when considering a new website, or looking at improving your existing site, responsive web design should be your very first priority.

Responsive web design basically means that no matter the device your website is viewed on (computer/tablet/phone), your website’s layout will change to accommodate the screen size. While you could build various websites to accommodate all the different sizes, that wouldn’t be a good move for you or your customers and we will explain why.

Make Google Happy

Google views responsive web design as one of its most important factors for ranking on its search engine. This means that no matter how good your website may be with all its well-thought out content and images, Google will penalise you for your lack of multi-device support and ultimately, slip you down their search engine pecking order. Importantly, this will see you out of the view of all those customers who trust Google to supply them with the most relevant and trusted results to their searches.

Keep your customers on-side

Along with Google, if there is one group of people on the internet that you do not want to get on the wrong side of, then it is your customers.

The likelihood is that even in your home, you will find devices of all different shapes and sizes, and no doubt your family will use a number of these devices throughout the day. If there’s one thing customers do not like, it is getting lost on a website, which means you should make it as easy as possible for them to find the information they need, even if they are constantly viewing your website on different devices.

The idea of having two websites, a desktop and mobile version, will often lead to content on the mobile version being located in different places or even non-existent as you strive to decrease the size of your mobile site. If customers are unable to find the same content on their mobile as they were on their computer earlier, then the chances are they will probably get annoyed and leave, and no one wants that to happen.

Have an eye on the future

No matter how tech-savvy you may be, unless you know someone on the inside at Samsung, Apple or Google, the chances are you will be hard-pressed to predict the size of the next big technology device.

Responsive web design negates the need for your Mystic Meg ability and means your website will automatically be ready for the latest device and alter it yourself accordingly. This way you won’t be left behind or scrambling to build another website when a new-sized device takes the market by storm.

More play, less work

Imagine the workload if you had to provide content for two or even three websites, added to that the website costs that would inevitably double or triple.

In reality, having multiple websites would lead to a drop in standards too, as it would be almost impossible to keep a consistent theme across all the sites. Responsive web design allows you to channel all your efforts in to your one all-encompassing website and ensure it is the best it can possibly be, as well as increase your visibility in customer searches.

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